Sunday, August 29, 2021

Just Let It Rest For A Bit - Dejalo

I look like an old sourpuss!

Culture has a tendency to rub off on someone if they are part of it.  The saying in the title is so true for Latins.  When something stops working, give it a rest and it will probably come back to life.  

The other day we had issues with the on-demand water heater.  We had it fixed several months ago for a paltry 400 pesos.  The guy took it apart and replaced the valve inside as well as the battery casing.  It worked great.  It's only about eight years old.  It quit last week and we were stomping around about that damn water heater.   Juan said, "pues, dejalo".  And we did.  Two days later in the middle of a cold shower, it was instant heat.  Wow!  Cold showers are the thing right now since we are still over 100F to 103F this coming week.  You can always give it a kick.

Then Friday afternoon, after doing some educational consulting online, nap time rolled around.  The house was still pretty cool and the ceiling fan was on the second setting.  Nice after a dip in the pool.  I woke up about 45 minutes later wondering why the ceiling fan was off.  I heard, "power went out".  I figured it would come back.  You know, "dejalo".  We were planning on taking the rv south to the resort for an overnighter.

Another 15 minutes and I got up.  I heard the worker's radio next door.  Hmm.  I walked out to the road and there it was.  Some monster truck must have come down the road and ripped the cable down.  OMG!  I called 073 and the operator said that if the "bufa" (the pole that holds the cable from the street to the house) was bent, that we would have to fix that before making a report.  Well, it was bent in half.  We got two ropes, tied it up, and gave it several yanks adjusting the ropes as we went.  

Next, I took off for the CFE office but they close at 3 p.m. (socialist government-owned company).  I was hoping to find the crews returning from their rounds.  Lo and behold, I saw no one.  But then, there they came, walking out of the building after clocking out.  I waved and one guy came over.  I told him what happened and he said he needed the report number.  They were in the middle of a shift change.  He gave me his cell number and asked me to send him a WhatApp message when I got the report number.  Got home, got the report called in, and messaged him.  He said to be patient and that they had a lot of emergencies because of the heat.

You can't see much but he's up there on the pole!

Well sh--!  What do you do.  "Dejalo", and we did.  We set up out by the rv, turned on the cellphone hotspot, fixed a couple of drinks, and watched the news.  Time went by and no answer.  Two messages and no answer.  Then, after taking everything in and rigging up the bedroom with solar (tv, internet, window fan, etc.) we got a message.  "We'll be there in 10 minutes".  It was already 9:15 and as I walked out to the gate I could see the cherry picker.  Yes!  15 minutes later they were done and lights back on.  Of course, there is always a caveat.  As one was up on the pole, their truck was blocking the road, lights flashing and cones out.  Here comes some jerk on his cellphone looking at a map.  We waved and yelled to no avail.  He slammed on his brakes and skidded just missing the truck.  Imagine!

The rv came in handy though as we transferred all the food to the rv fridge.  When the report was made the operator had told us it could take up to 24 hours.  Yikes.  So sometimes it's best just to let it rest.

On another note, and I have never done this before.  A long-time friend who suffers from mental illness has been down on her luck for many years.  I won't go into details but better I set up a GoFundMe page for her with the story.  She needs emergency dental work, has no money, and barely makes it day to day.  Medicaid doesn't cover her particular need.  The downside of U.S. health care.  So far, between friends and her family, we have raised half of the money.  I'm just throwing this out there: