Sunday, December 5, 2021

Cheddar Cheese and Canadian Butter - It's That Time Of Year
Rvers are slowly tricking back into Mexico.  The forums and Facebook are buzzing with questions about permits, best crossing points, a first-night stay location, and of course, the most important, "What foods can I bring?

It's all good and whatever makes you happy.  Everyone has their reason for heading to Mexico in their rv.  For some, it's about staying put in one spot and enjoying the weather meeting up yearly with other ex-pats.  Others like to travel around and learn more about different places. 

Food is always an issue.  I've found several lists of what foods to bring, what you can't bring (supposedly), and then those that bring the whole house.  And that too is okay but you miss out on so much.  Mexican cooking doesn't turn out right using Canadian butter and cheddar cheese, it just doesn't.  Some don't like Mexican food either or that it's too spicy.  We spoke with some friends in San Miguel de Allende who could fit some of the descriptions above that thought all of Central and South American food was hot and spicy served with tortillas.  Nope, only in Mexico.  Cross the border into Guatemala and within an hour's drive, the tortilla disappears.  Chile peppers, no way.  Bland is as bland can be.

Oh and don't get me started on looking for imported items such as graham cracker crumbs.  Find a good substitute.  I make cheesecakes with Honey Kraker Bran and they turn out even better.  Take a course on Mexican cuisine while you're here or spend a day in the life of a Mexican woman who sells enchiladas.

Last night we were invited to our friend Suzanna's house.  She and another teacher, Jenny work with Juan and they are good friends.  We cooked on the grill, five of us, Jenny's boyfriend was the grill master.  Funny speaking about food, there was nothing on the table that wasn't Mexican.  Steaks, the most tender and flavorful we have ever had and I challenge anyone to tell us otherwise, came from 60 km down the road.  Guacamole, veggies, wine, and the cake, all were Mexican.  No Canadian butter or cheddar cheese to be found.  

It just seems like an obsession with so much time wasted hunting down things that, sure you might eventually find, but to what end. 

We went to McAllen for a booster.  Mexico will start a booster program for 65 and over this next week.  Of course, our Secretary of Health says it's not necessary as the Omicron variant will just make you stronger.  Good for him.  The border was much easier than we expected.  They only had one lane open to the bridge and we entered the like at 11:52.  Once you get across the bridge to the border agent booths then the line fans out into different lanes.

That was at 12:52 and the agent asked to see our vaccination records, passports, and visa permit.  Off we went not 300 yards and at the commercial strip mall on the left known as the Mercado de Los Chinos they had the vaccination tents set up.  We filled out the forms and no questions were asked.  

A little tense on the toll highway at two inspection checkpoints they had set up.  It appears they had been hit several times.  Spikes were strewn over the shoulders and the one blocked lane.  The soldiers kept moving traffic back and forth from one lane to another each time dragging spike changes to cut off the cordoned off lane.  Lots of shattered glass and car parks scattered about.

Yesterday's headlines in El Norte say that we now have five cartels operating in Nuevo Leon.  As I stated in a blog post or two ago, they're back and in full force.  Well, all we can do is work around them and hope for the best.

It was a fun trip though as it had been two years since we had been to McAllen.  We picked up a few things for family members and friends, nothing for us.  One SIL wanted a Fry Baby and Juan's little brother wanted some socks and underwear.  I'm not sure what the difference is between Walmart underwear in McAllen and underwear in Walmart Mexico is but he was happy.  

They look like hog troughs, don't they?

We drove all the way out to La Feria for some TexMex food at Don Beto's.  It was our favorite place when we were staying at the Kenwood RV park.  We got there and good old Don B didn't survive the pandemic.  In fact, La Feria looks like a ghost town.   Se we settled on a Chinese palace buffet and, well, we won't do that again either.  

As for the house in SMA, doors, closets and trim are all painted and rehung.  Looks great and we can't wait to get back there.  We have one Christmas party on the 18th and then we want to be out of here taking a couple of days on the way down stopping in Matehuala, Guadalcazar and maybe Santa Maria del Rio.

Took the cover off the trailer, cleaned out the fresh and black water tanks.

Got the cover bundled up just about the time a neighbor came by.  With a concerned look on his face he asked, "And what's that you got wrapped up?".  It did look a bit suspicious. 

We were looking for a place to store the rv for a week while we are at the house.  I posted on a SMA Facebook page and got a reply from Villa Zen Zonte.  They are outside town just a couple km from San Ramon Hotel and Rv Park.  She offered us a deal since we won't be staying.  Still checking around though but I had not heard of the place.  They offer glamping tents and other amenities.  You can check them out by clicking on the link.  Rvs are 400 pesos a night for two persons.