Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Getting Ready To Go

The reservoir near our house is now a desert.  Enlarging the picture you may see a spot of blue.  Presa de la Boca has supplied Monterrey with the majority of its water for over 65 years

It's time for a change of pace.  It's still very hot here.  This week it is hovering around 35C and the early mornings 25C.  We've had a shower or two in the last two weeks but it isn't helping the water situation in Monterrey.  Our lake is again dry as a bone and people are driving around where the water was once 10 meters deep.  The level is at 2.8%.   Our new aqueduct fell short of expectations simply because there is no water.  The city is back to rationing and some neighborhoods have been without water for weeks.  Heavy showers will come in the next two days and I hope it brings some relief.

I ordered a few things this week.  One is a new RV cover.  The cheap one I bought a couple of years ago is very thin on the roof and it is now ripping.  The repair kit is worthless but super glue seems to work quite well.  I ordered aluminum miniblinds for the bedrooms in San Miguel de Allende and also for the bathrooms here at home. We opted to order things on line versus going to McAllen.  We've had quite a bit of cartel trouble in the last couple of months and they are blocking highways and burning vehicles along with all the other things you hear about.  Such a shame we have a lousy government.  Socialist/Dictatorship isn't working.

Speaking of here at home, we signed a contract for the sell of the house and it is on the market.  If and when it sells we don't have a clue or where we will go.  

Quinta Aruanda is the link for the pictures and details.  We are in a housing boom so hopefully, it will sell within the contract time.  My brother who recently moved from Hawaii to Missouri after 20 some years, sold his condo today.  It was touch and go as it is located on Maui and very near where the fires were.  

Once the rains settle down next week I'll be getting the trailer ready for a trip in November.  Most likely we will head to the southwest U.S.  The state of Nuevo Leon is opening some new or extended routes via toll highways.  One is from Montemorelos just south of us.  It will take you all the way around the metropolitan area to Hwy 85 to Laredo, or Hwy 40 to Saltillo.  The highway we take from Linares to San Roberto will now have a shorter route that will take you around some of the curvy mountain roads.  

The blue line goes from Montemorelos to Galeana (El Pozo de Gavilan and the Laguna Labrador boondocking spots).  This is a direct route eliminating the curvy portion from Linares.  They are working pretty fast.

The northern line takes you from Montemorelos around the city of Monterrey.  Sure, they are toll roads but will eliminate a lot of problems for rvers who attempt to drive through the city.  There is really quit a bit to see in the southern part of Nuevo Leon and still plenty of boondocking.

On a very happy note, one of our nieces has suffered from severe curvature of the spine all of her young life.  Now at 16, we found a group of doctors willing to take on the task for free to relieve her of this malady.  She has suffered physically as well as psychologically for years and it has affected her self-esteem not to mention the numerous treatments as well as the braces she has had to wear and endure. 

The surgery lasted over 9 hours.  She is home now and a much taller young woman who has recovered 80% of her health.  She will lead a wonderful life.  She's a straight-A student and is also working hard to learn English.  We see a bright future for her.