Sunday, June 27, 2021

A Few Weeks Of Serenity And Beautiful Views

We had a great trip to SMA, heavy thunderstorms and delays but overall it was a good time to just talk about everything.  I'm glad we left the rv at home, it would have been a precarious trip across the mountains as we did see quite a few slides along the side of the road.  After a year of heavy drought, the water doesn't know where to go.  We had planned a leisurely drive but it was kind of forced upon us.  The SUV and the fix that the dealer made worked!  We are very happy with it and the head mechanic says it's a real workhorse.  Not good for the dealer and the sales guys.  

We arrived late around 7 p.m.  Our Airbnb was a disaster.  First time ever.  The place is a large home built to accommodate Airbnb.  It has great reviews but it didn't work for us.  First off, and it wasn't explained as such, it's a technological check-in.  You will never see anyone.  You make your reservation, they send you a code, you log into the door, spend the night, and leave the next day.  No one is ever around to meet or greet you.  We've never experienced that.  Very hard to contact someone, so much so that when we arrived the owner had apparently gotten in a small fender bender with a neighbor and had taken off.  Family, friends, police cars, and transito vehicles all over the place.  We never got answers from the owner and neither did the police.  It appears the owners were watching the events unfold via security cameras.  We moved to a hotel and filed a complaint.  I'm waiting for a refund.

BTW, this is the back door!

I play ball with the dog up and down this hallway.  She loves it and gets plenty of exercise.

There is a room size boveda or open ceiling with cupula over the dining room.

The next day we came to our friend's house and took the grand tour.  It's a very nice home, thousands of square feet, 6 acres, and what they call a small casita, two bedrooms two baths, 1400 sq ft.  😀

It's all good and I won't go on about it but we have had a couple of lunches out with friends throughout the week.  The employees come and go and know their routines so there isn't much to do but have fun with the dog and the cat.  The security system is a bit cumbersome but I got the hang of it.  I don't want armed guards here waking me from my sleep because I didn't hear the alarm go off or I set it wrong.

The weather here is cool day and night.  The rains come in the late afternoons but there are still good opportunities for sunsets, hot air balloons, and lightning.  I just got the Canon out today so hopefully, you'll see some good pics. 

I'll keep this part brief.  The Mexican state border governors have issued warnings not to cross the border due to severe cartel activity, kidnappings, and carjacking.  This is more so on the Laredo routes.  All of the above includes both libres and toll highways, they have made no exception to their attacks.  The feds have done nothing.  

It's funny, I have Facebook memories that I had posted back in 2008  warning about our current president, what he stands for, and the dangers he presents.  Too bad I didn't publish them I would be a rich journalist today!

Friday, June 18, 2021

This Will Be A Fun Vacation - San Miguel de Allende (again)

This will be our digs for the next three weeks.  I hope we like it 😀

There isn't anything to do other than take good care of the dog and the cat. I think we can handle it.  There is a lot of hiking in this area as well so we will be getting the 15,000 steps in every day.  

I ordered a trailer cover to keep the rv high and dry.  I hope with the cover the trailer will last a few more years.  The sun really takes its toll.   When we return from Guanajuato we may take a week with the rv to some place nearby.

We've had a severe drought I assume much like in the U.S.  We are low on water and there is rationing taking place in the Monterrey metro area.  Water pressure is reduced or cut off during certain hours on a rotating basis.  We have the well so we aren't affected although we have reduced or water usage and are keeping the water level low in the pool.  

By now you've probably heard that the local and state elections didn't favor the president.  He is now attacking the middle-class saying we are aspirantistas (people who wish to aspire to something) and he named those with a degree, master, or doctorate saying we are materialists, egoists, and have no end in sight to consumerism.  He's angry, and it is now proven that organized crime had its hand in the elections in many states; Guerrero, Michoacan, Nayarit, Sinaloa, and Sonora.  

The new alliance between the PRI, PAN and PRD political parties are saying we are entering a dictatorship.  I knew that 2 years ago.  I have been following the man since 2004 and his relationships with other dictators.  

Anyway, people don't like to hear about politics so  . . .