Sunday, August 12, 2018

After Two Weeks On The Road . . . Working


This is the high season for visiting schools.  My trips took me to the following cities but only for a night and a day.  It wasn't possible to do any sightseeing and there wasn't much to take pictures of except for schools and airports.

2 days in Culiacan
1 day in Guadalajara
2 days in Queretaro
1 day in San Luis Potosi
1 day in Queretaro 
1 day in Garcia
1 day in Guadalajara

Unlike other consultants, one in particular who traveled throughout the state of Sonora by car, I was confined to basically boring trips.  I made money though and that is a good thing.   Come two weeks, I will have one more year before taking my U.S. pension and I think I will be finished with the daily grind.  It's not really a daily grind.  I go to the gym and then work from 8:30 to noon and do things around here or traveling for work.  Not bad but it's not being on the road.  Mexicans need their feet planted in the soil.

The weather has really sucked here at home at still hovers around 100F everyday.  The electric bill just came in and it was the highest ever in my Mexican history.  1449 pesos for two months, which comes out to $39 a month U.S.  I refused to not use the air conditioning and turn it on after 4 p.m.  

As a welcome home dinner tonight, I grilled a couple of steaks and some shrimp on the barby.  Very tender and delicious not to mention the shrimp.  

My little brother is coming in October for a 10-day visit and then I hope I am off to Ecuador.  

I have a couple more tasks to finish to make the rv ready for our next trip.  New batteries moved indoors plus some other minor things.