Friday, July 31, 2015

Another Short Drive - Dolores Hidalgo

Dolores Hidalgo was the next stop and it took me all of 45 minutes to get to town and another to navigate my way to the auditorium.   I pulled in and stopped in front of Proteccion Civil and went inside.  My friend wasn’t there but his boss, el comandante, was sitting behind his desk.  Mr. Ramirez looks a bit threatening.  He’s tall, thin, and has a very stoic look about him.  He told me to come in and I told him my story about making arrangements to stay there.   He stood up and then gave me a big smile, shook my hand and asked me if I was a Canadian.  I told him no and he said that two years ago there was a Canadian couple here, I can only imagine who it might have been. 

He told me to park wherever I wanted as long as I was along the wall.  He said there was electricity by the office if I need to charge anything.  I told him I had solar and all was good.  

I got set up, by that I mean I put out the slides, put a block under the hitch to level the front and fed the cat.   I put on some music for Little Bit and then took off on the bus to Soriana to pick up some things I need for the trip home.  I also wanted to visit my Telcel friend there to see if she had found an internet stick.  No luck.  The bus was five pesos.  In Monterrey the bus is 10 to 12 pesos depending on the route and if you want air conditioning.   I came back, unpacked and headed out for lunch.

I went to our old place El Carruaje, not the same as it used to be but still pretty good including the price.   I had a late breakfast and it was enough for today.  I walked around for an hour at a fast pace because I didn’t go to the gym and won’t until I get home.   I found several Telcel stores but no luck.  Then I hit one.  349 pesos with 1028mg of time on it.  Sold! 

Came back to the rv, set up the stick and took a very well-deserved nap.   LB has slept almost all day, it must be those constant walks I take him on.

Tonight I plan on a trip to the plaza and tomorrow the Independence Museum although I have been there before.   I want to find the spot that Hidalgo gave the first “grito” and have my picture taken. 

After talking to Juan I’ll put on a Mad Max movie and kick back the rest of the night.  Oh, and here is a pic of the pool from yesterday.  It needs painting badly and I’m not being picky.  If you’re paying for something it should be worth it.  I don’t’ feel I got my 180 pesos.   Add that up on a thirty day trip.  That’s 5400 pesos, I guess if you have dollars that’s a steal right now, but I get paid in pesos so it’s not cheap.   

Thursday, July 30, 2015

My Shortest Rv Trip - 10 Kms

It was my normal morning routine.  I went to the gym, said my goodbyes to people I know there and said we would be back in December.   Not really sure about that yet.   We may try some other city like Guanajuato, Pena de Bernal or maybe Queretaro.   Something different for Christmas that's for sure.

As I was packing up a 45 foot tour bus came to the botanical gardens so the neighbors weren't happy that there was a vehicle on each side of the road although it's wide enough for cars to pass easily in opposite directions.   I decided not to shower until I got to the rv park and hooked up and headed out.

I had intended on stopping at a vulcanizadora to rotate two tires on the trailer.  I went yesterday to see if he could do it and told him when I would be passing by.  The road that leads to Dolores Hidalgo is under construction and I had to laugh.  They made a detour right through the front of the vulka.  Nothing I could do but wait until another day or maybe tomorrow as I pull in to Dolores Hidalgo.

Yesterday Kevin and Ruth posted their 10 best posts.  One was about his event with the sewer valve and I think we have all been there at least once.   I got settled and decided to drain over two weeks worth of agua negra.   I looked down the drain and all looked well.  I stuck the stinky slinky in the hole and went to pull the valve.  All is going well and then, "up through the ground come a bubblin' crude", wasn't oil though.  I quickly shut the valve and there was a two square meter pool on the ground.   

I went to the front office for assistance and the guy who guided me in came and gave me a hand.  He and his coworker opened another drain and could see water flowing.  They grabbed a piece of rebar and stuck in in the drain.  It was clogged at the bottom from pine tree debris.   They got it all cleaned up and unclogged the drain.   Funny though that I had just made a comment about it yesterday.

We're parked under the trees since we have electric.  They wouldn't budge on the primitive camping.  Too bad.  Little Bit seemed to like taking his nap in a very cool spot.  We had been parked in the sun at the botanical garden although it's never been really hot.  I brought the box fan along on this trip and used it once in the time we have been here.  

Here's one more pic of the bathrooms.   I'm going up to the pool before they drain the water for the day.   It's thermal water so it should be good.  If I use it, I'll take a pic and post it later.  I spoke to my friend in Dolores Hidalgo and they are waiting for my arrival tomorrow around noon.  We'll pull out leisurely around 11 a.m.  

Bottom line, it's a place to park.  Nothing special and about 250 meters from the highway so you can hear the constant roar.   One shower for both men and women, electric is 20 amp.  I have to say the internet isn't bad.  If you want to go into town the taxi is 100 pesos or you can wait on the highway in the sun for a bus for ten pesos.   There was a 40 foot motorhome here the other day when I came.  I don't understand why parks are so adamant about primitive sites.  Electricity is the major cost and if boondockers don't use it, why charge. 

Barb and Sal had the right idea.   Paga lo que debes, or pay for what you use.  It was a good thing,

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Last night in San Miguel de Allende

As the circus comes to town, I'm on my way out.  They are parked up by the glorieta on the road to Queretaro.  A few nice caravans.  The owners have a huge fifth wheel, I'll say 42 foot, an older model but a luxury model that they had full body paint put on.  Looks nice.  

I'm heading out tomorrow as I had said recently with my plan to stop at San Ramon and then head on to Dolores Hidalgo before going home.  I should be at the house on Tuesday in the morning.   

There just isn't any place to boondock around here and I'm not impressed with San Ramon.  In fact, I went there today to see who was there and where I wanted to park when I noticed the swimming pool is empty.  What?  It's only one night but I was hoping to go for a dip.   I can always go to La Gruta down the road tomorrow afternoon and enjoy the warm spring water.

I think if I had a Class C or a small A I would be more inclined to keep going south and I could move more often, but with the cat, the travel trailer and the fact that traveling alone isn't necessarily my cup of tea.  I already have had two requests from schools and the University of Dayton is lining up work for August wondering when I will be home.  At least I'll be on the road.  

I don't fit in much anymore with some of the gringos I guess.  I go to the Jardin and it's talk about the U.S. or complaining about SMA.   I met a woman at the super today.  She was talking about patience.  I told her that as I get older it increases.   She said it was too bad the gringos in town don't learn to have more patience.  She says it's because they're mad at the world so they take it out on the locals.  Could be, I've seen some pretty poor gringos in the last two weeks.   I think it's two camps, rich and poor.  

Anyway, it's been fun and I guess if I were a full-timer I would be like George was.  BTW, I sent him a mail the other day requesting some product info and he responded.   I miss his blog and his adventures.  

So it's off to Dolores Hidalgo, who knows, I may just find some other thing to do for another week. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sunday's Adventures In San Miguel de Allende

I couldn't post yesterday because the internet was down.  It was a fun day and I spent way too much time walking around in the sun even though I used sun block.   The air is cool but the because of the elevation the sun really beats down on you.  

I started off down the hill to el centro.   Winding streets and beautiful homes that are valued at over half a million dollars and up.  Huge homes with beautiful architecture.   I passed very few people but I just followed the cathedral steeples and found my way to the Jardin.  It was a wonderful day and people were just emerging from the Saturday night and many heading to church.

This was my first stop.  The house of Ignacio Allende and Joan was right.  On Sunday's the museum is free.  What a fantastic museum and to think that Ignacio actaully lived there.  The downstairs was the servants quarters, kitchen and stables.   Upstairs was the living quarters for the family and all of the rooms have been recreated to the best of historians' abilities.  I spent over two hours there and really built up an appetite.  I didn't know that there was a sequia (drought) followed by a severe freeze that killed all the crops and thousands starved to death in the late 1790s.  The complete story of how Allende started the uprising for independence is told in the museum in Spanish and English.   I like museums and history so it was a great morning.

The upstairs courtyard.

The backyard (I wasn't allowed to take photos inside the house)

After the museum and did a few rounds of the Jardin and it was beginning to fill up with people.  The church bells were ringing and you could see the kids in the steeples turning the giant bells.  

I did some walking up and down the streets and ran into an indoor market that I had never seen before.  It was fantastic, mostly fresh meats, produce and formal food stands and small restaurants, but I wasn't in the mood for Mexican food.   Lo and behold there was a Chinese restaurant right in front of my eyes and it was one of the best fast Chinese food restaurants I have eaten in.  50 pesos for two dishes and a side of rice and noodles.   I saw one of the Chinese workers having lunch but of course they don't eat what we call Chinese food, they eat really good stuff like a bowl of rice with cooked greens and a very small spattering of meat or egg.   Yum!

I headed down San Antonio street from the Jardin and headed toward the Mega where I would take a bus for five pesos up the hill.  It was after 2:30 and I was getting beat, time for a nap.  I passed the old La Siesta, what a huge mistake that man made by thinking he had a buyer to put in a big box store within the perimeter of the protected UNESCO area.  Now it's a giant green field that's not being used for anything.  They bulldozed everything down and this is what's left.

One of the greatest New Years Eve parties took place in this park.

Got off the bus here at the mall La Luciernaga and walked to the botanical garden.  

I took a long nap and then headed out to do some more walking.   First I took Little Bit for a short walk and put him back in the rv.   The sun was setting and it was a perfect ending to a really fun day.   (considering I was by myself :( )

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day Trip To Dolores Hidalgo

I had a small but meaningful accomplishment this morning and I decided to celebrate by going to Dolores Hidalgo.  I also wanted to check out San Ramon Rv Park.  I took off from El Charco and headed for the highway.   San Ramon isn't far from town actually.  They make no concessions whatsoever on price.  180 per day, 1180 per week, and 4500 per month.  I asked the guy what he would charge if I just wanted to dump and he said 180.   He showed me both areas of the park, one is sunny and the one in the back is shaded.  He said he could put me in the sun because of the solar panel.  I told him I thought not and I would want to be in the shade and use their electricity.   I may stay there a night just to dump and fill up with water and have a long shower.

I've been very conservative with water.  I think I could go two or three weeks with the 40 gallons I brought.  I shower daily but it's not really a shower.  Get wet, soap up and rinse off.  Same with dishes.  The black tank will last just as long.  Boondocker's rule, "if it's yellow let it mellow".   Something we have to deal with.

The parking is behind here.

The highway is great and it's about a 40 minute drive.  First stop was the city auditorium.  Proteccion Civil has their office in the back.  We stayed there last time we were in town.   I talked to one of the big wigs and he gave me his cell number.  He said to call in advance so they would know to save me space.  The have wonderful wifi.   Very nice people.  

Left my car there as parking is expensive and hard to find.  Street parking is very limited and usually taken up by the locals or it's only one hour parking.  I saw transito taking plates off cars.  We don't want that do we.   I headed to the main plaza.

I searched for the market where we have eaten before, it is about two blocks from the main plaza.  It was time to eat.

This was before.  A delicious plate of cheese enchiladas!

And after the dirty deed!

I'm sure many of you have been to Dolores Hidalgo and know it is the cradle of Mexican independence which took place between 1810 and 1821.  The key players or heroes as we call them were Miguel Hidalgo, Ignacio Allende, Juan Aldama, and Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez (yes a woman played a very important role in Mexican independence), the list goes on but I'm sure you've seen all the street names above.  As you know we celebrate Mexican independence with El Grito (the scream literally translated) by say Viva Mexico after each person's name and ringing a bell.  That was actually the beginning of the war for independence and you can stand where Miguel Hidalgo said this that famous night in 1810.  I have a picture on a previous post of the spot.

I went back to the main plaza after walking around and buying myself a shirt for 50 pesos.  I sat in the shade and watched people eat ice cream.  Some of the flavors include; shrimp, avocado, chicharron (pig skins), chorizo, rose water, well you get the idea.  I was too full from my combo breakfast, lunch, dinner, that I just took in the scenery.   Very nice weather, it got up to 28C today.  Last night I had to wear sweats to bed.

Tomorrow I may go to the Ignacio Allende museum.  Joan posted that it is free on Sundays.  I don't think I know Joan.  Hi Joan!!!  

Friday, July 24, 2015

Strolling Around San Miguel de Allende

Coming home from the gym I had to stop to take a picture of the view from above.  The sky has been so clear thanks to daily rains.  I stopped for a fresh squeezed juice.  Today it was a carrot juice.  They are repairing the main streets that were affected over the last month because of rain so there are detours.

I can't believe the number of tourists this summer.  Even the locals are surprised.  More Americans than ever with their kids.  Some are summer camp kids who have come to Mexico to learn Spanish and culture.   Listened to lots of different languages besides English and Spanish.  I'd love to be able to do some research on who they are and where they come from and why those chose San Miguel de Allende.  The ex-pats flock to the Jardin and know each other by name.

One of the most photographed churches in Mexico, it was built in the late 17th century and then had a new facade created in 1880.  I don't know how many pics we have taken of the cathedral.

This is the house of Ignacio Allende which is next to the church in the plaza.  It is now a museum.  This is on my list for Monday.  

Had to have an ice cream cone while I was people watching.  Had a nice conversation with a woman from Cancun who is visiting with all of her family from different parts of Mexico.  They rented a couple of houses to share and will be here until Tuesday.

The weather is just amazing and I have said that on just about every post.  For those of you in the north it's no big deal.  But in the southwest it's just unbearable right now.  Not sure what my plans are from here.   They are wanting me to travel with the publisher starting in August and the school called me today looking for advice on some new hires.   I didn't think this would last long.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Walking In The Botanical Garden

Last night was a real doozer.  Up several times with the cat.  There was one of the heaviest rains ever that caused flash flooding and rolling thunder.  It thundered for hours.  Unbelievable but the cat was nudging up to me all night.  He woke me up at least four times.  He's never had that problem.  I think it was the constant thunder.  You can see by the picture below of the dam how much water is pouring over it.  

The dam was built at the beginning of the 20th century to carry water through the broken pipe you see in the picture (click to enlarge).   This generated electricity for the textile mill Fabrica La Aurora.  I may go back tomorrow and get a pic of the giant turbines that powered the mill.

You can see how high the water is in the reservoir.   

I went to the gym late, around 9 a.m.   I only did spinning for an hour and no weights.  I had the cable made so I can connect the trailer directly to the inverter.   I returned a booster I had picked up at Office Depot.  I explained the issue to the salesman and he said buy it and if it doesn't do what you want you have seven days to bring it back.  So I did, it didn't do much so I took it back.

I piddled around the trailer for a bit, rested and then hit the trails.   I took my time, stopped and even took a nap on a wall I found under some shade.  Took a lot of pictures and pretty much tried to take in all the sights I could reading the names of all the plants, cacti, trees and flowers.  It was fun and I will do it again.

It's time to close, almost 8 p.m.  The wind is picking up and it looks like rain again.  Tonight it will drop down to 11C.  This is great, imagine in Monterrey it is 41 during the day.   Pajamas, a good movie and a glass of wine.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tuesday Market and I Learned Two New Things

I'm at an internet cafe.  The signal at the botanical garden is working well this year.  I bought a booster and it isn't the signal as much as I think they need a new router.  I'm not going to get all worked up about it.

I have the Movistar stick.  Wow!  Problem is, this isn't Movistar territory.   It belongs to Telcel.  My phone works fine and I can access my mail and Facebook but the screen is too small to read comfortably.  For some reason, and maybe it is my lack of knowledge, I can enlarge everything I do on my phone like FB.

I drove over yesterday to the big Telcel office up the hill from the Mega hoping to get a stick.  No luck.  They don't sell them anymore.  If you have one, hang on to it.  I'm going to post on the Civil List to see if anyone has one they would like to sell.

That was one thing I learned.  The other is very interesting.   In most of Mexico returnable glass bottles are still popular for beer and sodas.  I drink mineral water or club soda and an occasional diet coke in the summer (maybe one or two a week max).   There are no returnable bottles here in San Miguel de Allende.  This is a UNESCO site, you know, all far out, peace and love.   Where is the recycling?  What a shame.  I went to a dozen places and then flagged down one of the big Coke trucks and talked to the guys.  They verified that it is true.  They have the product in the warehouse here but it is not for distribution.  It is sent to other cities and they won't sell it to me.  

Yesterday was the big Tuesday market up on the hill.   I couldn't resist and had some wonderful enchiladas for lunch.  25 pesos.  I did some crowd watching and then headed home for a nice nap in the cool air.

This morning I headed back to the gym, dropped off my laundry and linens and then bought a very good jugo verde for 16 pesos.  You just can't beat this area in terms of economics.

Monday, July 20, 2015

A Trip To The Train Station

Down the street from where I had a quesadilla for lunch today.

Man was it cold last night.  I loved it.  I had on two blankets and the windows open.   I watched the movie last night, Buck Howard.  A pretty good flick.   I set the alarm for 5:45 and got up to my ritual of feeding the cat, making the coffee and watching the news.   Pena Nieto says he is out to recapture El Chapo and that it's the only way to settle this.

When I got to the gym it was nice to see familiar faces.  Not much has changed and I had a great workout.  Weights and then 30 minutes of spinning.  After, I took the SUV for an oil change.  It takes seven quarts of oil and the filter, the cost was $37 dollars.  

Headed back to the ranch to shower and check my email before heading out to the train station.  It's not a big deal but I like train stations.  If you remember our trips to New York and Toronto there were plenty of pics from the train station.

Unfortunately it's closed so you can't go inside.  The building is nice though.  The interesting part of all this is there were about four guys across the tracks hanging out under a tree.  They yelled across that they were from Honduras waiting to jump the train, La Beastia (The Beast), to the United States.  What is interesting is that this is becoming a trend.   Mexicans posing as Central Americans are carrying dirty backpacks and fake IDs and hanging out on city streets like Monterrey asking for money.  Most are just bums or druggies looking for some quick cash.

In Monterrey, immigration got involved and uncovered the story that was then presented on the news.  They said if they aren't illegals it's not a crime to ask for money.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wow, Far Out! Gringo Market

Great place for hiking or finding a spot to read.

The plumber showed up and took his measurements.   He really had a job to do.  The flange that connects the valve to the outlet had been ripped off and broken in one spot.  He heated it and used a resin to fix the break.   He had to add new pipe and seal everything.  He did a great job at least I'm hoping.  There is no leaking but I can't open the valve.  Well, maybe one night I can do a clandestine grey water dump, or partial just to see how it works.   The good thing was that the valve came off right at the flange saving the black valve from being damaged.  That would have been a mess.

While he repaired valve I had taken a nap and then headed down to San Antonio street to the gringo market next to Instituto Allende.  Now it is all shaded with giant tents to keep people cool and shopping.  I always wanted to be far out but it just wasn't my way of being.  I 've seen so many outfits on both men and women in the last few days it's amazing.   All yapping in English with an occasional word in Spanish.   Everything is organic, home grown, handmade, sewn, woven, quilted, baked, sun-broiled, wood stove roasted, you name it.  But guess what?  It's all very expensive.  I found a small stand at the end of the long and narrow market where I had a wonderfully delicious quesadilla with rajas de chile.  16 pesos.   There wasn't anything organic about I guess. 

Came back in time for the plumber to call and say he was ready to install the plumbing.  The guy is really nice and we chatted up a storm.  He had lived in Dallas for a couple of years and has his family here.   After, I went for a walk before the gardens closed.   Little Bit wanted a walk too so I put him on a leash and he investigated the surroundings by the trailer.

I had some leftover Chinese for dinner and watched some YouTube videos.  I am getting a real kick out of these people that go through checkpoints and DUIs and refuse to participate in the game.  The border patrol videos are the best.  They know it's illegal and when someone comes along with some knowledge about their rights they pull the trump card.

This morning I went for a hike around the lake.  It had rained hard last night and it looks like we are in for more later this week according to the forecast.  Now I am heading out to the big market on the road to Queretaro, also known as Tuesday market.  I prefer Sunday.  

Saturday, July 18, 2015

First Day In San Miguel de Allende

This is my spot for the next two weeks.  A few cars during the day and of course visitors from the botanical gardens.  

I got up at 5:45, put on the coffee and started up the laptop.  The storm last night knocked out the internet so I had to wait until later today to get on line.   I showered and headed into town, all of 2 kms away from all the action.  I stopped at the first ferreteria and asked for a plumber.  They gave me the name of one and I called, no answer so I left a message.  

I headed to the outside cafe for a small breakfast and to check my email.   During breakfast the plumber called and he said he would meet me at the trailer at 11 a.m.  Right on time.   He took things apart and went to his shop to fix it up.   Boy, I thought I talked a lot, this guy was really going to town.  Good thing he went to his shop.

That will be fixed or at least temporarily until I can get home.   He also found a small gas leak and is taking care of that.   

I'm taking a short nap until he returns.  Maybe I'll post more later depending on what I do.

Friday, July 17, 2015

In SMA - Crunch!

What a weird day.  I left at 8:15 from Matehuala and made it to the Potosino rest stop.  I ordered torta with some chili toreados.  Yikes those things are hot!   I'm back where prices are decent and you can eat a something out once in awhile.  My torta at the big expensive rest stop was 26 pesos.  The same torta in Monterrey is about 50 to 60.

I hit three retenes (checkpoints) and they were all two kms long.  I guess the manhunt is on and they are checking everyone.  Because of that I didn't get to SMA until after 2 p.m.   Of course what didn't help was hitting the border to Guanajuato.   The minute I crossed the state line the road quality collapsed.  I found out later that the governor is from the PAN so federal funding from the PRI is almost non-existent.  

I pulled into the park and waited until it closed at  6 p.m. to setup the rv.   Well, that was the beginning of the end or so I thought.  They have done so much work since we were here last including a beautiful rock wall (no cement) and some wonderful parking lot landscaping.  That didn't make things easy for me.  Mario, the director of the gardens, wanted me to park where we always do.  Fantastic, it's a wonderful spot.  However, since the changes to the parking lot took place, the layout isn't what it used to be.   Crunch!  I hit a big rock.   Got out and saw that my water discharge valve was ripped off.  Didn't affect the black water though which is good.  I've read about it, I've laughed about it, and then it happened to me.  Hahahaha.  

Good thing is, when I had the electrical checked on the truck last week, I noticed the rv shop has a couple of valves on the shelf.   I think I can get one ordered and shipped tomorrow or Monday by the latest and have it here by Tuesday.   What's funny is that when I saw it I thought I should post on RvNet about the availability of rv parts in Mexico but last time I did no one believed me.  Now I need the valve.  Premonition?

All's well that ends well and I am set up and having happy hour while I write this.   I made an agreement to stay here two weeks and pay for the membership which gives me access to the park as well for 700 pesos.  That's 50 pesos a night for a secure spot with wifi.  I'll head out after that and pick another place for a week before heading home for the 50th anniversary party.

The weather here is wonderful, the sun is shining and it is sprinkling with a cool breeze coming in the windows.   The solar is charging and I'm a happy spirit.  Hey, if this is all that can happen to me when I'm alone, I think I did pretty good.  Where are you copilot?  

Thursday, July 16, 2015

On The Road To San Miguel de Allende


On my lap almost all the way!

I had planned to take off from the house at 7 a.m.   However, I woke up at 3 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep until I got up and made a list of what I was thinking about.  Up at 5:30 and started getting the house ready.  It’s always much easier when there are two instead of one.

I finally got out of the gate at 8 a.m. but stopped for gas and air.  I hit the bank on the way out of Santiago and then it was smooth sailing.  I made the turn from Linares to Galeana/San Roberto (or as Google calls it, Roberto, Nuevo Leon) and up over the mountains.

Leaving Linares and heading up the mountain.

You’ve seen countless pictures of this wonderful mountain drive that is almost 75 kms.   Lots of ups and downs and curves that would make a trucker think twice but they all do it and so do we.  Other bloggers and rvers have made the trip with large motorhomes without batting an eye.  It is well worth it.

Halfway there!

As I came down to Hwy 57 there was a large military checkpoint.  Heading north the line was over 2 kms long.  Guess why?  Looking for Chapo Guzman.   Heading south there was little traffic but because of the cloverleaf coming off the mountain you have to cut into the line.  It happens to be right where the checkpoint is set up.  They saw me coming and started towards me.  I waved to them and the waved me on.   

Going down the west side to San Roberto and Hwy 57.

Down the 57 to Matehuala, I decided to stop and not go any further.  It was already 1 p.m. and I was getting ready for a nap.   I resisted the stop at Las Palmas at 380 pesos a night and went to Oasis.  They said they don’t take rvs anymore.  I thought that was weird.  Maybe because I was by myself.  Next door is the forever dumpy Hotel Capri.  She wanted 170 and I told her Oasis charges 150, I made that up because I don’t remember.  I told her I didn’t need water or electric.  It’s not hot, around 27C with a slight breeze and with the solar I’m using a box fan.  Works great.   So we agreed on 100 pesos.  Deal.  As you can see I’m under a big shade tree now that the sun is going down.  

Safe and sound with a nice secure place for the night.  

I took a nap with Little Bit.  He road on my lap most of the way looking out the window and sitting on the console.  He’s doing very well now and eating and pooping well.   That’s good when you travel with a pet.  I guess that’s good with a pet or a human J.   After the nap I walked to Walmart.  I thought it would be fun just to go up and down the aisles.   I like to see what import products they have and how much they cost.   I got there and the A/C in the store was not working (descompuesto).   Oh well.

Here I am back at the hotel in time for a cocktail and the local news.  More tomorrow as I head to the botanical gardens in SMA.   Contessa has a point.  Imagine the bounty that one would receive for catching this turd.  He's got so much money they'll never get him.  

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Getting Closer to SMA Departure

I'm editing this post because I want to give a big hand to Kevin and Ruth.  When I got up at 5 a.m. this morning to read my newsletter, there they were.  They were chosen as one of two blogs that Chuck Woodbury shared this week.  Congrats to these great rv bloggers and world travelers.

Doing final checks and prep on the rv.   Today was tank day and I flushed the tanks to get them ready.  Not quite sure about the place I am staying in SMA until I get there.  I know there is water and the woman who is renting me a space has offered electric although I really don't need it with the solar.

My new Xantrax 600 watt inverter is doing quite well.  What I like about it is the display.  It shows me the charge on the batteries.   I also bought a short 30 amp cable and a "female" connector so that I can connect the trailer to the inverter making all the outlets live.  BTW, I'm over the male connector sydrome, whatever that was all about!

There is an issue with the charge controller though.  All systems work great but the charge controller seems to be failing.  I have a call into the guy to check it out tomorrow.   Gotta have that piece of equipment working.  I check the diagrams and I am sure I've got it hooked up correctly.  

The heat is on here in Monterrey.  The "canicula" or "dog days of summer" have started.  The sun is closest to us now and it could last for a month or more.  The pool comes in handy but only for a quick dip to cool off.  I guess over the years I've lost the feel for sitting around the pool.  It doesn't appeal to me anymore.  The kids don't want to come out anymore probably because we're such ogres with our rules.  Sorry, cellphones and tablets go in a basket.  We're here to socialize and have fun.  

The SUV had a gas tank issue with the float and resistors.  We had that replaced on Friday and it is reading properly now.  What should a replacement like that cost in your country?  Here it was $135 to drop, empty and clean the tank and replace parts.  Just curious on the price you would expect.

Speaking of prices here in Mexico I had some shoes I really really like resoled.  It cost me $8.50./  The shoes are umpteen years old I bet everyone who reads this blog has seen them.  Hey, the leather is still good.  I only had them resoled because I felt some water in my shoe two weeks ago and checked the bottom of my shoes only to find a hole the size of a quarter.  Who checks the bottom of their shoes unless you might think there is something on them!  What the heck, I can accept the fact I dress like a bum!

The U,.S. consulate appears to have its act together and will have the visas ready for tomorrow sometime.  Juan bought a ticket to Mexico for Wednesday.  I can't believe this trip has turned into a fiasco over a visa issuance problem.  

Last bit of news that has made the world today is the escape of Chapo Guzman.  Yep, otra vez!  I had to laugh because tonight on U.S. national news that I watch via internet, blames him for the death of thousands of Americans due to drugs.  Now is that funny or what?  Everything in life is a choice.  As for Chapo, if the government doesn't want to look stupid, they will find him and kill him.  Otherwise, Mexico continues in its quest for credibility.