Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Things Are Looking Up - Major Immigration Snafu

One of Juan's 30 some nephews dropped by with his family Sunday morning to fix us breakfast.  It was our first visit since the accident.  

Things at home are returning to normal.  Juan had several more tests done last week before returning to school this week.  His appointment with the doctor was not until July 6th even though he would be working then and we wanted to know the results.  We were able to find a cancellation and got in last Thursday.  The MRI (number 4), revealed a slightly pinched nerve in the vertebrae that run up his neck.  That may explain the nerve pain in his shoulders which is slowly reducing.  Yesterday he went to his chiropractor and his shoulders were slightly dislocated.  He feels much better now but all of this was due to the fall after he passed out.  He looks great, has his energy back for the most part, and is at school in the mornings for a few hours.  There are no classes but just the b.s. of teachers being there although nothing is happening.  Wasted time.  

I opened a can of worms recently at immigration.  I thought I should check to see if I needed to give them an employment update as my Mexican pension is coming soon.  Every status change requires that a 90-day notice be given to immigration for; a change of address, employment, marital status, and so on.  They said my residency card was old and needed to be replaced.  I mentioned this in a previous blog post.   After being number 174 in line, and there were still many behind me, I could do the task.   Well, almost.  They tell me now that they made a mistake 24 years ago and assigned me a CURP as if I were a Mexican using both paternal and maternal last names.

  • CURP is the abbreviation for Clave Única de Registro de Población (translated into English as Unique Population Registry Code or else as Personal ID Code Number). It is a unique identification code for both citizens and residents of Mexico.

Just an example of what it is like in line

Haitians, Guatemalans, Hondurans, Salvadorans, all trying to get a permit to transit to the U.S. border.  They made it this far but can't go north of Monterrey without a permit.  

This number is attached to everything you do in Mexico;  purchasing property, bank accounts, AFORES (401k), automobile purchases, the list goes on.   Immigration wants to change it which means I will have to go back and change all of the above and more, one by one.  The timing stinks because I want to receive my pension in August but won't be able to until the change is made.  

The big hold-up is getting an appointment with immigration.  Online registration has been turned off because of the deluge of illegals coming through the country heading for the U.S. border where they are trapped indefinitely.   Again, I will have to go and get in a line with a couple of hundred people and wait until 5 p.m. Friday afternoon just to see if I can get an appointment.  That could take weeks if not more.  Here is a very interesting and factual article that explains why all of this is happening:

I could just blow it all off and I asked about that.  My weathered residency card is good for life but soon I will have trouble exiting and entering Mexico through airports that will no longer accept it for travel.  Talk about screwed.   I took the time this week to go to the state and federal buildings just to make sure the information I am getting is correct.  It is and at the federal offices the guy in charge of the CURP division said, "immigration should not have access to this system".  

Monday, June 6, 2022

On The Road To A Full Recovery
Today Juan had his appointment with the neurologist.  In short, this is where he is at.  

His equilibrium is back in full swing but he has some minor dizziness caused by rest and no exercise.  It doesn't happen very often so that is good.  

His shoulder pain persists but it is called neuropraxia, a nerve condition in the skin's surface that will heal with time.  The doctor ordered more X-rays on his neck and an MRI for his shoulder just to confirm there is no torn muscle tissue.  

Juan will be off work for another two weeks with permission to have a meal or two out and take some short walks.  

Every day he gets better albeit the shoulder pain which affects his sleep.  The doctor prescribed a pain/sleeping aid as the pain affects his sleep.  All good now and just a matter of time.  Still no wine or vodka.

Next week he may ask for permission to travel to SMA and get some rest there where the weather is much better.  It has been 100F to 104F the last week and even though we have A/C the heat, in general, makes him tired.  

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and thoughts and keep them coming.  He loves to hear what you have to say.