Thursday, March 31, 2016

From San Miguel de Allende To Monterrey

As I always say, there is an end to everything and so ended our wonderful week of vacation with Norma and Croft to San Miguel de Allende.  Apart from the fully-equipped house we rented, the walks and talks around town and on the trip back to Monterrey were fantastic.   We made stops along the way to buy strawberry syrup, coffee and bathroom stops, and of course the dreaded checkpoint that lasted over two hours with complete chaos.  Mexico showing it's best side.

Overall the trip was rated five stars by my account.   We didn't do without a thing.   We had a fireplace at night, a spectacular terrace overlooking San Miguel as well as the famous Jardin.   Good times had by all and I have to say one of the best pics of our trip although Juan Manuel was the photographer and not in the photo.

Our day trip with Robin and Steve to Atotonilco was another highlight.   We spent the morning in the numerous thermal water pools relaxing and sharing things we had or would liked to have done.  Several trips into the cave for a hot steam bath and then back outdoors.   After a side trip to Dolores Hidalgo for a quick tour and one of their famous ice creams.

Tuesday market in San Miguel is a huge event and we took advantage of that as well.   The colors, smells, people, and activity make you always want to return.  When I was there last summer I went twice a week.  Fresh fruits and produce not to mention all the wonderful foods that are offered from gorditas, cabrito, borrego, enchiladas, pancakes, pizza, well you get the idea.

Although it is quite expensive, it's something everyone has to do at least once.   The experience of the roof top patio at the famous Rosewood Hotel.  The views are incredible and truly a photo op for anyone wanting a memory of San Miguel.

Even the trip back home was as I said earlier.   Stops for lunch, bathroom breaks, they always gave us something to talk about.   Politics was a topic in the car, would that surprise you?  But we enjoy that along with religion and this was the week for that chat.

Once back home we took a day for recovering and then on Tuesday headed about out again perusing the markets here by our house.   Fountains, talavera tiles, food, furniture.  We shopped a lot but didn't buy a thing.  That was the fun part of it.

Our last night together took us out to the pool for a relaxing happy hour before a fantastic dinner of tuna sincronizadas.

Then on Wednesday, off they went.  Down roads that would lead them back to their wagon and from there all points north.  Thanks guys for a memorable week of fun in Mexico.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Visit To Fabrica Aurora and El Jardin

Every picture tells a story so I'll just leave it like this.  We are having a blast with Norma, Croft, Robin and Steve.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What An Evening

Steve, Terri, Mike, Me, Robin, Norma, Croft and Juan

We spent the day with Norma and Croft.  We headed out to the offices of the SAT, where taxes are charged and paid.  Our new friends we met thanks to Paula and Jer, Louis and Doris, had an issue with a new tax being charged for truck campers.  We made a date to meet at the offices but once we were there they had closed for the week since this is Spring break.  It wasn't on their website but we tried to help.  Doris made a wonderful loaf of bread for us and we enjoyed it this evening with some great grilled cheese sandwiches Norma cooked up.

After that we went to the Tuesday market and walked around.  We got to show Doris and Louis a bit about the market and then we saw them off as they are heading back to Quebec tomorrow morning.   Nice couple and I hope we keep in touch.

We had lunch at the market.  Croft had fried fish and shrimp and Juan and I split an order of enchiladas.  We agreed to a nap and then we went to the rv park at San Ramon where Robin and Steve had arrived earlier this afternoon.  

Once we arrived at the rv park we found out that Terri and Mike Church were right next door to us.  What a coincidence.   I couldn't recognize them from the road because it was getting dark.  Then, Steve's neighbor came over and Terri approached them and she said "Chris, and Juan!"  Yikes.  Who knows who you'll run into. 

What was supposed to be a quick welcome and happy hour turned into almost four hours of chat and conversation.  You've just got to love rving.

Tomorrow we are all meeting at Fabrica Aurora which was originally a textile fabric and now houses many art galleries, furniture shops, antiques, and more.  After, we have a lunch with Barbara form Bab's Blog.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Two Pairs To San Miguel de Allende

As you know, Norma and Croft arrived on Friday by car from Arizona.  We spent two rainy days at home.  We got out for some shopping and dinner one night.  

We packed up the SUV and headed across the mountains to San Miguel de Allende on Sunday.   The bus left right at 7:30 and the driver was happy about that.   It was rainy and cold all the way across the mountains as well as soupy-thick fog.   I was going to say that we crawled along but wasn't so.   We made very good time.   By the time we came down the other side the clouds and fog broke and it was sunny and warm again.

What would have seemed liked a long day passed before our eyes.   We made a few pit stops along the way, talked up a storm and the three copilots kept an eye on my driving.   The roads were packed with holiday travels from all parts.  Cars piled high with carriers and the like.   The big "parador" or rest stop at the toll booth entering San Luis Potosi was a zoo.   Restaurants were packed and so was the parking.  I had made arrangement with the real estate person to meet at 6 p.m. but we arrived to SMA by 4:30.   Great trip no doubt and my new GPS took us right by the house twice before we got the idea.   

Beautiful rental, a bit pricey but well-deserved after my 11 weeks of being on the road.   You can tell by the pictures we will enjoy our stay here.  The maid will be here two days this week and we can call someone to come and prepare dinner if we'd like.   

Today (Monday) we are going to stop by the rv park in San Ramon to visit with a couple who has some doubts about their Mexican entrance permits and the amounts they paid.  They were recommended to us by Paula and Jerry.

Also this week, Robin and Steve will be stopping by and we will all have lunch and tours.   We can meet them halfway as they couldn't get a spot in San Ramon.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Rv Visitors Passing Through

Robin and Steve are here visiting from the U.S. I have known Steve via internet and the Rv.Net for over ten years.  They are just starting their Mexico trip and they are staying here for a few days.  They may meet up with us again in San Miguel de Allende.  

Steve got a great deal at Bahia Escondida which is an rv park in a time share resort here on the lake.  It has always been very expensive but they received a four-night stay for just a little over 1000 pesos.  The difference is they are sticking strictly to the camping side and don't have access to the club.  We're out everyday anyway so it doesn't really matter.

We had a great dinner at Mistura on Friday night and spent yesterday seeing the waterfall (Cola de Caballo or Horsetail Falls) and a walk around the plaza in Santiago before heading to the HEB on the edge of Monterrey.

Last night they came over to the house for dinner and we grilled some steaks.   Good time so far.  This morning we are headed out for breakfast and then a quick tour of Monterrey.