Monday, March 21, 2016

Two Pairs To San Miguel de Allende

As you know, Norma and Croft arrived on Friday by car from Arizona.  We spent two rainy days at home.  We got out for some shopping and dinner one night.  

We packed up the SUV and headed across the mountains to San Miguel de Allende on Sunday.   The bus left right at 7:30 and the driver was happy about that.   It was rainy and cold all the way across the mountains as well as soupy-thick fog.   I was going to say that we crawled along but wasn't so.   We made very good time.   By the time we came down the other side the clouds and fog broke and it was sunny and warm again.

What would have seemed liked a long day passed before our eyes.   We made a few pit stops along the way, talked up a storm and the three copilots kept an eye on my driving.   The roads were packed with holiday travels from all parts.  Cars piled high with carriers and the like.   The big "parador" or rest stop at the toll booth entering San Luis Potosi was a zoo.   Restaurants were packed and so was the parking.  I had made arrangement with the real estate person to meet at 6 p.m. but we arrived to SMA by 4:30.   Great trip no doubt and my new GPS took us right by the house twice before we got the idea.   

Beautiful rental, a bit pricey but well-deserved after my 11 weeks of being on the road.   You can tell by the pictures we will enjoy our stay here.  The maid will be here two days this week and we can call someone to come and prepare dinner if we'd like.   

Today (Monday) we are going to stop by the rv park in San Ramon to visit with a couple who has some doubts about their Mexican entrance permits and the amounts they paid.  They were recommended to us by Paula and Jerry.

Also this week, Robin and Steve will be stopping by and we will all have lunch and tours.   We can meet them halfway as they couldn't get a spot in San Ramon.


  1. You're always helping folks out! Anxious to see all of you again.

  2. Can't tell from the photos where you're staying........nor do I recognize the house!
    Looking forward to seeing ya'll this week. It is supposed to be 81F tomorrow and the rest of the week will be warmer, thankfully.

  3. Looks like you're somewhere near the Rosewood hotel, right in the middle of many great places to eat. Have a wonderful week!

  4. Greeting and hugs to you all. Looking forward to enjoying SMA thru your eyes.

  5. Sounds like you have a great week ahead! Say hi to Stephen and Robin for us.

  6. We've only been to to SM once... loved it! But... looks like you've got the whole time covered... with friends, food, and a fantastic agenda. Enjoy it to the max!

  7. can I sign up for email updates?