Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Making Preparations

I told you my brother and SIL are coming near the end of April for a colonial tour.  This is a good time to get things done around the house.   We bought a pressure washer (if that's what it's called) at Home Depot and it has really come in handy.   I even did the cats and they were really blown away by it :)

I painted the front gate today on the outside.   I didn't have any paint thinner and here in Mexico you can go to your local hardware store where they have it in a drum.  Bring your own container and they will fill it up.   While I was there I asked the cashier who goes to the gym if she knew what happened to the previous owners They still write tickets by hand but use a computer for other stuff, wierd.  She said she would call a friend.  She got on the phone and said, " el gringo del gimnasio busca la dueña de las pinturas".  (the gringo from the gym is looking for the owner (female) of the paint store).  So that is how I am known in town.  Hmmm. . . . .   Imagine if I were black?

Many things to do around here as it will!  The baseboards will be installed in the next two weeks and that will make a big difference.  I also asked for an estimate for laminated flooring.   If they install the baseboards and we want to change the tile I don't know how it will work because they also use glue as well as screws.

An interesting note here with elections coming up in November here in Mexico.   This is inflation based on the dollar exchange by president in Mexico for the last 42 years.  Notice the difference with the PAN party at the end of the list with Fox and Calderon.  Imagine if we were to have Lopez Obrador aka AMLO (socialist) at the helm.  We don't have reelection here in Mexico so I am not sure why AMLO is running as he declared himself the legitimate president of Mexico five years ago.

Lic. Luis Echeverría Alvarez (1970 a 1976)

Tipo de Cambio al inicio de su mandato (beginning of term)
$ 12.50

Tipo de Cambio al final de su mandato (end of term)
$ 22.69 82%
Lic. José Lopez Portillo (1976 a 1982)

Tipo de Cambio al inicio de su mandato
$ 22.69
Tipo de Cambio al final de su mandato
$ 150.29 562%
Lic. Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado (1982 a 1988)

Tipo de Cambio al inicio de su mandato
$ 150.29
Tipo de Cambio al final de su mandato
$ 2,483.00 1552%
Dr. Carlos Salinas de Gortari (1988 a 1994)

Tipo de Cambio al inicio de su mandato
$ 2,483.00
Tipo de Cambio al final de su mandato
$ 3,375.00 36%
Dr. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León (1994 a 2000)

Tipo de Cambio al inicio de su mandato
(a)$ 3.37
Tipo de Cambio al final de su mandato
$ 9.45 180% 
Lic. Vicente Fox Quezada

Tipo de Cambio al inicio de su mandato
$ 9.45
Tipo de Cambio al final de su mandato
$ 10.90 15%
Lic. Felipe Calderón Hinojoza

Tipo de Cambio al inicio de su mandato
$ 10.90
Tipo de Cambio a la mitad de su mandato
$ 12.50 15%

Friday, March 2, 2012

Three Things

First things first, I'm sure most of you know John and Angela and may have already heard the sad news.   Gizmo passed away this week.  Gizmo visited us three years ago during the winter.  A bit grouchy but understood considering Gizmo lived to be 17 years old.   A real traveler and I know will be missed so much by John and Angela.  But the good news is that Gizmo waits at the end of the Rainbow Bridge ball in mouth and ready to play.

Second, my oldest sister Dorothy took a trip with a girlfriend to Bahamas leaving the husbands behind.  A well-deserved trip, they rv quite a bit and are avid boondockers in there year old fifth wheel that is beyond luxurious.  I'm glad she took the trip, it is good to get away once in awhile without the other half.   I'm sure she let loose as it was all inclusive!  Here is a picture of her enjoying her trip with the dolphins.  She becomes more beautiful as the years go by.   I love her!

Last but not least, today out of the clear blue, the temperature hit 40C.  Tomorrow it will return to the previous 24C.   This is a sign.  A sign that I need to get the calendar out and begin marking it with our activities and see when and where we can go to escape the heat this summer.  It will be a hot one.  Not sure yet what we will do but Juan has never seen the redwoods.  I lived in Sequoia back in the seventies.  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Never Trust The News - Another Debunked

I have refrained from mentioning any country, group, or organization names, I ask that you do the same in your comments.

Well, it now comes to light  after a famous tourist town  and  the cruise industry has taken another hit against them.   The supposed gunmen that held up a tour bus with 22 tourists now turns out to be a lonely bandit with a bandana, sunglasses and an unconfirmed weapon.
It happens everytime.   However, I will now tell a tale of news that is not getting reported.  I said last year that it would only be a matter of time.   I was also told that what was happening here (heads rolling, acid baths, etc.) didn't happen there.   Over the course of the last month it has all come to light. 
What has been going on here with five major groups is now embedded across the northern continent, and of course all along the southern border from the west coast to the east.   Everything you have read and heard about "here" has been happening for over two years on the other side but has been mysteriously covered up with other stories or left under the guise of "under investigation".

Watch this video to the end and then ask yourself if you are safer there than here or for that matter anywhere else in the world.   Truly a sad situation and not one of "I told you so".   I just find it funny how the news has been able to not disclose the truth or I guess I should say make light of the matter.

As a side note, I found out today that the school districts on the north side of the border are now teaching courses in apocolyptic survival in case there is a national disaster such as a nuclear attack or as they stated, "the end of the world as we know it".   Anything else the news would not like us to be privvy too?

Maybe I have too much free time and need to go rving!