Thursday, November 13, 2008

Di No A La Corrupcion - Say No To Corruption

Just a reminder for those crossing the border in the next few weeks. I was on my way home yesterday passing the Mormon temple on the outskirts of town. This is a well-known speed trap. It is also a great place to catch people who are moving materials, furniture, etc. that is not well-tied down, no red flag, to name a few, that sneak through town and hook up with the carretera nacional. I saw a woman in an SUV with plates from Illinois. Obviously a gringa explaining something to two motorcycle cops.
I took the first exit and whipped around in hopes I could backtrack and help her out if she needed it. Transit police are generally friendly guys and some just happen to be on the take under certain circumstances. Fortunately, when I got back to the spot they had left. I did a couple of "vueltas" just to make sure they didn't pull her over in the HEB or Soriana parking lots that were nearby. Should I have found them, I would have asked if I the girl spoke Spanish and if I could help in the translation explaining that I am a language teacher.
I brought this up several times about corrupt transit police. Don't drive through Mexico always looking over your shoulder but be prepared to confront anyone of the few dispicable guys who attempt to take money from your wallet. When I have been pulling the rig and they signal for me to pull over, I always stop and tell them "let's move to a more open public place". That is the first deterent for this situation.
Be friendly, say hello, but be sure and treat them with the unmost respect they deserve as they are in uniform and represent a local government. Have your papers ready and most of all a copy of what you are going to show them. Don't let them bully you. You cannot pay a policeman money no matter where you are. Offer to take the ticket. When they tell you that they cannot issue you a ticket, ask them to lead you to the station so that you can pay.
You can do as you wish, but my main point is there is don't fear these guys, they can do you no harm. If you are part of the forum and would like my cel number, you can PM me. This way, should you be in a tight spot and need help explaining something maybe I can help. Safe travels.

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  1. What a great post. There are still good people in this world. Thank you.