Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hidalgo de Parral - Chihuahua

Just returning from Parral to Chihuahua. It is Wednesday evening and the bus ride was fast. It was a new bus, first class, and we literally flew to Chihuahua. If I could have a motorhome like that bus I would be one happy rving dude. That thing floated in the air, the ride was smooth and I felt like I was sitting on my sofa at home.

I finished the course this afternoon around 2 p.m. The teachers took a practice TKT test and then the coordinator invited me to lunch at her house. We had fideo with beans, queso con rajas, and a delicious pastel de carne (meatloaf). Her husband opened a very good bottle of red wine and we had a grand time. Mexicans are such wonderful people, to open their home to me and feed me and offer me to stay there whenever I want. Really something.

Here are some pictures of the group. These teachers are not obligated to take this certification course. Although they know it will help them in the future, they come from all over the state. We had teachers from Jimenez, Parral, Goachocí, Tonachí, just to name a few. They ride on the bus for hours to be there. They are really a fun-spirited group and I am glad they made it to the course. Here they are taking a practice test.

Last night I had the opportunity to go downtown. A 20 peso taxi ride took me the main plaza. The downtown area of Parral is very posh with nice shops. If I had more time I would have bought a cappuchino and done some window shopping. It looks like a great town for retirees and rvers.

I would encourage rvers to take side trips whenever possible taking advantage of the modern and convenient bus system that exists in Mexico. No need to make a reservation, just walk into the bus terminal and find the carrier that has the best class service and departure time.

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  1. I found your blog address on the Yahoo Funfinder RV page. We are picking up a new 189FSW in Dec. Moving up from a pop up tent trailer. Enjoyed your blog.