Thursday, November 6, 2008

Grocery Prices

Tuesday I stopped by Walmart in Monterrey. There was a feeding frenzy going on and I was determined to find out what was happening. Turns out, Tuesday is Dia del Mercado, and Walmart was beating the sox off the competition. Here is what I found on sale:

limes 6.60 a kilo

oranges .90 a kilo (that's right, 90 centavos mexicanos)

potatoes 6.00 a kilo

That was the most I could get my eye on without getting trampled. But there is more. These are the lowest prices this week on basic food items. Tell me you won't save money spending the Winter here in Mexico. Remember though, buying at a local aborrotes (produce store), or at a corner market in a neighborhood, you will be paying through the nose for the convenience. Oh, and that includes OXXO and Super 7 convenience stores. One avocado can cost you 15 pesos but buying that same ovocado at the supermarket on a Tuesday will cost you:

avocado 17.00 a kilo

cabbage 3.00 a kilo

spinach 1.00 a kilo

canned refried beans 6.19

lettuce 14.90 (high because of heavy rains)

banana 6.00 a kilo (is that a bargain?, seems high to me)

Here in the North, Tuesday is the big day for produce and fruit. Check your local area where you will be staying to see if Tuesday is the day there. It is also the best day as they bring produce in on Monday and it is the freshest. Haggling and picking through the stuff with all the crowds adds to the excitement.

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