Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rving and Flying Mexico


I have been on the road for work again lately and it is surprising the number of discount carriers here in Mexico. One of the great things for rvers is that you can leave your rig in your Winter park for a couple of days and take off to points unknown.

VivaAerobus http://www.vivaaerobus.com/ has some of the best discount fairs. A strange system but you can book on line and receive all your information via email. For example, flying from Monterrey to Leon, Guanajuato cost me less than 100 dollars round trip. Now with the exchange rate you can save even more. In VivaAerobus, you pay for your way. Base price, luggage, (one carry on no charge), boarding pass if you don't want to wait in line like Southwest Airlines, and the list goes on. Food is sold on board including refreshments. Monterrey Hub.

Aviacsa http://www.aviacsa.com/ has the best discount "on-board" service and many of their destinations are around 50 dollars one way. They have special pricing if you purchase at a local Aviacsa office on Tuesdays.

Volaris http://www.volaris.com.mx/ is based out of Toluca. Flying to Toluca to get to Mexico City is easy. You step off the plane and onto buses that will take you to one of the three bus terminals in D.F. Less than an hour during peak traffic time. A great way to see Mexico City from the inside out. Once at the bus terminals, authorized taxis are lined up and at your service.

Avolar http://www.avolar.com.mx/ with its hub in Tijuana services some great southern locations that normally would cost an arm and a leg on AeroMexico and Mexicana. Tijuana, Guadalajara, Morelia, Uruapan, Cuernavaca, Tepic, Colima. Halloween specials are around 150 dollars round trip between Tijuana and Guadalajara.

The discount airline frenzy in Mexico is settling down. There were quite a few just three years ago and many couldn't beat the competition and dropped out. Many planned it that way to make a lot of money up front and then unload their equipment to other discounters that may even have been held by the same corporations.

I hope this helps and that rvers will get out of the rv parks and visit some of Mexico's greatest tourist locations including the Big Tamale.

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