Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Work Trip To Chihuahua


I'm a real busy beaver this last couple of weeks. This week I am working in Chihuahua City as well as Hidalgo del Parral which is 215 kms south. We have come through here on two trips. One was on the way to Las Vegas where we stopped here for gas and to head North to Chihuahua and on up to Douglas, AZ and the second time was our trip to Creel and the Copper Canyon. We went from Parral to Guachochí. Beautiful country.

However, this trip is via air and I have to say for someone who is under 5'7" and having spent most of my life looking up it is a pleasure to look down upon the Earth and see what it all looks like from afar.

I had most of Monday to get things ready for the trip. As usual it was a last minute change in plans. I was supposed to be working in Monterrey with new teachers for the English program in the state of Nuevo Leon.

I caught my flight at 5:15 pm. Things are so much easier today then they were 25 or 30 years ago. Now, I tell them what flight I want, what hotel, and in 15 minutes I receive my confirmation. I head to the airport and everything is ready. No waiting around, it is a quick click on the print key and I am off for the airplane. Plus, the beauty of national flights in Mexico is no two hour check in. Here I got to the airport 45 minutes before and still had time to get a bite to eat. Now that is service.

I took several pictures again from the air. I just love the mountain shots. So much of the Earth still seems pretty much inaccessible.

Once I arrived at the airport in Chihuahua, I caught a taxi for the Central de Autobuses or as they call it here Camionera. I bought my ticket and was off in less than 30 minutes. They did change buses twice before take off but before anyone had boarded.

On the bus we watched the movie Collateral Damage with the governor of California. I sipped on a vodka on the rocks that I had prepared before departure, listened to Astrud Gilberto and snacked on peanuts from the plane. It was a nice ride at night as you can reallly see the stars at night in the desert.

Arrrived in Parral around 9:45 pm and walked the two blocks from the bus station to the hotel. Very nice modern place considering this is only a town of about 150,000 people. There are no name brand stores or restaurants here. But, I did have a 400 gram ribeye for dinner/lunch and you won't believe the price. 90 pesos. With the current exchange rate that is steal and it included all the trimmings.

Tomorrow I will head back to Chihuahua to work there until Saturday afternoon. During my stay I am going to drive out to the RV park outside of town and take some pics. We stayed there once, very nice place with a pool but all alone. I passed it on my way to Parral but it was too dark to get a picture.

This should be my last week of work for this year so I can start preparing for our trip to the Emerald Coast in Veracruz. Yippie!!!!!!

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