Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sorry, But I Just Have To. . . .
Turn back now if you don't want to read anymore about politics. This will be my second post on politics, and my last, since I started the blog in April. 2 out of 200 isn't bad!
I have received more emails, comments, and posts about the elections than you could imagine. I was crucified on one Yahoo group for my comments. The writers of all of this have been friends, family, rvers, ranch owners, and everything in between. The most perturbing part of all that I have received is the way in which most people view the upcoming elections.
The most frequent comments have been, "I am a staunch "---------" and that is how I vote". You fill in the blank with the respective party. So what is the problem with this statement? It shows lack of consideration for what is really at stake. How will we choose a viable candidate to somehow put a recovery plan in place that will get the country back on track and somehow be able to reduce the overburdened debt that the last eight years has brought us?
Voting by party is ludicrous. You might as well just spin the roulette wheel, throw a dart at the dart board, or better yet, just flip a coin. There is no science in choosing someone by party. Over the history of the United States, Mexico, and all the other countries in the world, how many times have we overlooked a great potential leader because he wasn't the party we are affiliated with? Vote with your head, not your heart.
And please don't rely on the news. Fox News and Bill O'Rielly are to the far right. He said today that those who hate him don't watch his show. I hate him and everything he stands for. However, I never miss one day of his show. Why? I need to see and hear both sides. So before you right-wingers get all bent out of shape, now it is CNN's turn. CNN is to the opposite side of the fence, far-left. I can no longer put any credence in either of these networks. I can no longer trust the reliability of the news that they publish. I have now turned to other countries national news feeds, including the BBC, Bloomberg, and the list goes on.
One of the greatest errors that most voters believe is that what the candidates espouse is exactly what they will do when in office. If you know the system and how it works, we should be more concerned with our representatives and senators. Afterall, they will be the ones to make the decision and see that a bill will be voted on and passed or held hostage during the four-year term.
If you are an unbiased person, you know that most of what has been published by the McCain camp are out and out lies, negative campaigning against Obama, and more rhetoric about Joe the Plumber than what and who he really is. Obama has been linked to Al-Qaeda, Islam and national terrorism. To date, all of those things have been proven to be false. For an American to make those claims against a man who has never been divorced, never had an extra-marital affair, who is an outstanding citizen and a hero for minorities as well as the rest, is not very American. Are we afraid of an African-American in the White House? If he is elected, I fear for his life. We may be a first-world country but we are not immune from presidential assasinations or attempts as we have seen in our country's history.
I've heard about all I can take of the patriotism card. Lets get real here. Are we still living in the middle ages? Are we still the warriors of past milleniums? It appears to be so. We just can't get over this human division of territories. God never designated the U.S., Great Britian, India, Spain, Denmark and all the other past colonial dominators as their country being number one, or God's country. Do we really believe that God is that petty? Come on people. Patriotism is a label. Be patriotic and vote, don't fight. What happened to the one world concept? Somebody has to start it. What about "love thy neighbor as thyself? Or do we just love them if they love us? Step up to the plate, make the first move.
Just imagine if we had invested that 800 billion dollars to shore up the American continent. Afterall, aren't we all Americans? Education, jobs, independence from Middle East oil. Americans complain about two major internal problems but do the least to try and stop it. 1) illegal immigration 2) the drug trade and drug use. The American continent has one great advantage. The continent is very hard to attack. Sure, from inside it may be vulnerable, but that has always been something we had control over but never exercised.
Come Tuesday, forget about hatred, party loyalty, war and patriotism. Just get out and vote and vote with your head not your heart. Whatever we vote for, we will live with it for more than four years. Believe me. No, on second thought check it our for yourselves. How long will it take us to get back on track if we are fortunate enough that one of the two candidates has what it takes to get the job done.
Unfortunately, because money now determines the outcome of a presidential election, we now have narrowed it down to two mediocre candidates. So if God is really partial to the U.S. as many Americans think, I hope he is watching over us now. We have never needed his help more than at this moment.

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