Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Made it to Hermosillo late last night. Got to the hotel around 10 pm.
The weather here is nice, hot during the day and cool at night. Great for walking. Today is a free day and we had a short meeting with people from the education department for the state of Sonora. Setting up plans for the convention the next two day. I will be flying home on Saturday morning. My attempt at getting to Kino failed, there is always a change of plans. For that reason I am very flexible.

Here are some shots that were taken at the convention in Ciudad Obregon. I had a great time and so did the teachers. This program is promote English in public primaries. So far the plan is going well and all the teachers are getting certification in English as teachers. They have various backgrounds but have degrees in other subjects. Their English, in terms of spoken language is great.
Opening Ceremony in Obregon
Teachers taking a practice TKT (Teacher Knowledge Test). The actual test will be administered by Cambridge University Testing Center. They will come to Mexico (they have an office in D.F., and will officially test the teachers to see if they will stay in the program). This is serious stuff.

That's why I always say to rvers, look for a bilingual school or a public primary. You will find someone to help you if you are having trouble doing something in Spanish or need help getting out of a situation, car trouble, fines, etc. or even a great tour guide.

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