Saturday, October 25, 2008

¿Crisis? What Crisis?

This afternoon I dragged myself out of the house to go to Walmart. I will be working in Sonora this week and will be flying out tomorrow. I have a plenary session on Monday morning about the "KEYS TO SUCCESS IN TEACHING", and I want to plant the keys under seats in the ballroom so that I can get people to participate. I was thinking about using those colored plastic keys kids used to teeth (v) on but I guess they are out of fashion. So while I was there I was surprised by the number of people buying Christmas presents, artificial trees with lights, luxury items, and the list goes on.
I ended up going to two Walmarts all within a mile of each other. Thanks to zoned-marketing, one has high-end items that attract a certain clientele, and the other everyday food products and different brands of products, clothes and foods. They were shopping as if there was no tomorrow. No panic here, at least in Monterrey. Casas de Cambio have no lines and the banks don't even bother to change their signs but once a day.
I bought dollars yesterday to transfer to San Antonio for a variety of reasons and the teller at the bank said there seemed to be no rush buying.
After that I went over to the CostCo to pick up a pizza. Tomorrow is my free-day for food and I'll be intransit most of the day so today was a good day. Same thing. After I ordered, I browsed around the store and took a look at what was in people's carts. This is in a higher end of town and there is no panic here! Three people in line in front of me, 5200 pesos, 2900 pesos, and 11,000 pesos. The parking lot was full. We have five Walmarts, two CostCos and two City Clubs. Just think of the exchange of money not to mention the four shopping malls, centros comerciales and the whole downtown area.
Wednesday this week is a free day and I may be able to escape over to Bahia Kino and visit some friends. Let's see what happens.
I will be posting my trip tomorrow, sorry, but no rving for right now. I will be traveling for work though. People wanting to rv in Mexico can also drop their rigs and fly places especially with all the new discount airlines we have. Please don't worry about maintenance issues. Mexico maintains the same standards as the FAA, most of our carriers fly to the U.S.
So you will be able to see some of the airports, processes, ways to move around as well as hotels.

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