Thursday, October 9, 2008

Damned If I Do and Damned If I Don't!

I really took a beating yesterday over on the Terlingua Yahoo Group. Definately not Democrats that's for sure. My comment was not against any group of people. All I said was that McCain was a POW but had no idea what it was like sludge through the jungles of Vietnam for two years or more like the drafted soldiers had to do tolerating swamps, disease, humidity, and Vietnamese soldiers eye to eye. He was a fly boy and belonged to an elite group thanks to his family history. Also from what I have read, he had the opportunity to leave but insisted on staying.
Now in that, is there anything bad about Americans, veterans, or American military? So now the whole world is mad at me and I being labeled as anti-American, denegrating American veterans, and an ex-pat who hates the U.S.
Down right silly talk. And according to the rest of the world the peso tanked and the dollars is high and dry. Now that's crock in itself. My point with the two currencies is that they both have their problems. But people can't see it that way. The peso is a piece of s---! That being said, I earn pesos and have what I have today thanks to that currency.
As of now, 11:40 CDT, the Mexican Bolsa is up 3.5% and the peso is heading back down to 12 to the dollar.
I won't talk about this stuff anymore, it appears it really ticks people off or they just ignore it.


  1. First I will say WE, both wife & myself, are registered Independents. We have friends that are left & right/red & blue. It has been impossible to speak/have a rational discussion with either. It seems the core of each group is so polarized that neither wants to analyze the election in anyway other than following the party line. We just do not bring it up anymore after being beat up in the same fashion you have. Don't let it bother you, it is all going to the crapper no matter who's in charge. Both sides buy their way into office and are so hamstrung that the CORRECT/BEST thing for the USA/us can not occur. Gave up trying to save the world some years ago and now concentrate on JUST family.

  2. I usually do not like political views being discussed on websites I frequent for R.V. pointers and other ways of living, but to be honest I like the way you word your opinions and political views. You wont hear me complain, as long as you throw some adventure or story into the mix :)

  3. You are right Chris. McCain wrote off three aircraft in his short career before he was shot down over Vietnam. In my opinion, not the best person to have his "finger on the button", but who asked me.

  4. Here, here!

    Agree with you 100% ! More power to you. Unlike Jeff, I am ok with political views being discussed on websites. I read DailyKos everyday. But also read teh Drudge Report for a little peak at what the other side thinks is important. Of course I ignore the coporate owned and operated traditional news media for the most part. Voted early for Obama today, as well as for Rick Noriega for US Senate, TX