Monday, October 20, 2008

Mextesol Part 3
I haven't posted as Sunday was a travel day and I came back with a sinus condition. The plane ride helped quite a bit to open my head back up so I would say I am on the road to recovery. I'm posting the rest of the Mextesol convention and then back to Monterrey and life in Mexico. Being a teacher and a member of the organization I feel obligated to spread the word to other teachers who may see my blog.

Express Publishing Consultant giving an excellent book presentation.

Salepeople taking a break while teachers are attending workshops. Past and current presidents; Octavio Espinoza, Maria Isabel Arechandieta, Luis Gerardo Ramirez Friday night was the big Fiesta held at the convention center in Leon, Guanajuato. Food was served along with live music, beer, and a mechanical bull.

Sunday brought the closing of the convention and our farewells to all our old and new found friends. We exchanged business cards, emails and phone numbers with the promise to see each other at the next year's convention. We have decided to have a private party here on the ranch, by invitation only, and will be renting a bus to bring guests to the house and take them back safely.

The last talk I attended was with Connie Johnson and Louisa Greathouse on "Guidance on Writing Conference Abstracts". Next year I will be presenting and want to make sure my abstract isn't rejected.

One of the many buses that would be returning convention goers to their home destinations. Over 800 people came by bus and many universities and chapters chartered their own buses. Some came as far away as a 20 bus ride.
Teachers having their last breakfast before boarding buses or heading to the airport at the Hotel Real de Minas Express which is across the street from the convention center. We opted to have breakfast at VIPs with our friend Andreina. She works for MacMillan on their editorial staff. She's a great friend from Venezuela who lives in D.F. I think she's going to stay for quite some time here in Mexico.
A shot of the U.S. Embassy staff at their booth along with Debra, myself, Ruth Ban, Pia White, and Juan Manuel.
There are tons more photos if any Mextesol member would like them. Just drop me an email. It was a good time had by all.

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