Sunday, October 5, 2008

El Cumpleaños de Max

I can't believe I left the quinta on a Saturday afternoon. I hate weekend traffic unless I'm taking the trailer for a short boondocking spin.

Yesterday was Max' birthday party. On the way I stopped and had the Durango washed and picked up a gift for Max. He is really into SpiderMan so I found a Spider toy and a bow for the box. Just by looking at the cake you can tell his life at age five revolves around SpiderMan.

By the time I arrived, the kids had already destroyed the piñata which was in the shape of you know who! Crankiness sets in at these parties for little kids as they didn't get a nap and they start whining. I consider myself socially responsible by not having kids. You can see Max is not as excited as his mom is.

The adults were out on the back patio working on the carne asada and making sure beverages were kept cold. I had a beer and Max' dad made piña coladas all afternoon. I had one of those too but since I was driving I thought it wise to avoid the "antialcolicos" that can surprise you anytime after 9 p.m.

By the end of the party, Max had done pretty well in the presents department. He seemed happy about that. His dad helped him get things arranged and opened.

Today I may just take a walk up to the highway in Los Cavazos to see what the tourists are doing and what's being sold in the stalls. I'll take some pics. If you are passing through this year, stop and take a look around. There are always bargains and some pretty neat stuff too.

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