Sunday, October 12, 2008

Laguna de Tamiahua - Christmas Trip

I've been looking at my maps of Veracruz and doing some on line research. I have also talked to a couple of people about Veracruz and getting their take on places to visit. I traveled there extensively in 2006 for work purposes, Xalapa, Cordoba, Mendez, Veracruz, Coatzacualcos, Orizaba and Fortin along with one of our Christmas trips to Costa Esmeralda.

I think I have found the place, Lagua de Tamiahua. This laguna is South of Tamaulipas and it extends for quite aways. The town of Tamiahua is just North of Tuxpam. As I said the other day, I could see many "good" roads leading off the main trail to the ocean. I want to explore those too. Tamiahua is said to be the home of Mexican Seafood Cuisine so this is right up my alley.

Here are some pics I took off the web.

This week is going to be an interesting one. I start two days of tests for my recent high blood pressure event that still has me pretty scared. I can feel something going on in my body like anxiety but can define what the cause is. Tomorrow i have blood tests and will be fitted with a cuff monitor for 24 hours. Then on Tuesday I go for the stress test.

On the fun side, Wednesday I fly to Leon, Guanajuato for the MEXTESOL national English teachers national convention. That's right, 3000 teachers from all over Mexico. Guests will also attend from all the Americas, Australia and England. It starts with a cocktail party followed by four days of workshops, seminars and the largest text book exhibit in Mexico, Central and South America. I will be reporting on that during the week. A lot of nose rubbing if you know what I mean. Here are some pics from 2006
National Committee


Editorial Staff Grupo MacMillan de Mexico

Yours Truly giving a book presentation.


  1. I'm glad you are having the tests and taking care of yourself. Keep us informed eh?

  2. Where/what is the pic of the shore line?