Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hermosillo to Obregon

Finally I have a few minutes to write a few lines and download some photos. I left Monterrey on Sunday from my house by bus into town. The airport taxi charges 500 pesos from my house to the airport. Even though the company pays the tab, for me it is highway robbery. So I got on the bus and took the 25 minute ride into town and got off at Walmart.

Once there I took a taxi for 200 pesos. As a side note, I am a very careless person sometimes and have a tendency to lose things. Saturday when I went to the CostCo I lost my Banorte debit card. So I asked the taxi to drop by on the way. Sure enough, someone found it in the parking lot and turned it in. There are lots of good people on this Earth, a small percentage are rateros.

Arriving at the airport I checked in. The flight was AeroMexico from MTY to Hermosillo. The jet is a AeroConnect Embraer 145. Very smooth flight, I read Sunday's paper which was a real pleasure. The headline article in the real estate section was about the real estate boom in the area where I live and that everyone wants in and are willing to pay whatever. I hope my real estate agent is reading this.

The pics below show the mountain ranges and the interesting shapes that Mother Nature has created. Man, if they still made the heliocopter rv, remember that, I could get up in there and have a boondocking trip to remember.

Arriving into Hermosillo, my two co-workers Adrianna and Monica had rented a car and were waiting for me. We hit the road right away and it was smooth sailing. We took the route via Guaymas. Passing the exit to the Guaymas airport is a huge palapa that I recommend you stop at to eat. The food was great. I had my usual shrimp cocktail.

We passed this rv after the cutoff to Bahia de Kino. It is a Monaco Dynasty pulling a minivan. Do we know you? I hope to go there tonight as tomorrow is a free day all expenses paid.

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