Saturday, October 11, 2008

Los Cavazos - Looking For The Hule Man

This morning I got up early as a guy from the bank came to get an appraisal on the house. I decided to take advantage of my time and head down to Allende in hopes of finding someone who sells rubber moldings and gaskets. I want to replace the ones on the slide outs on the rv in Allende. Passing through El Cercado I thought I could ask a couple of places if they could recommend someone. Lo and behold the Hule Man was sitting there on the corner with his truck displaying all his rubber. He is going to meet me in Allende at 3 pm.

On my way back to the house I decided to stroll down Los Cavazos even though it is still early. I always ask permission to take a picture. I never want to offend anyone. One woman got mad at me and said, "para nada. ¿que vas a hacer con la foto?" I told her I would put it in my blog and she answered, "peor". When I asked her why she said people would steal her ideas. She sells paintings, but they aren't hers. They are factory paintings. We ended up talking for a bit but I came home right away and washed my hands. I shook hers and I think she has bad energy. But here are some that I took and I recommend you guys stop by and do some shopping on your way South.

Some merchants I know told me the "crisis" has already hit. But once I asked them based on what, or fact, they couldn't answer. Oh the humanity! Pyschology at its best. They haven't opened shop since last weekend so nobody knew anything. The place will be packed this afternoon.

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