Thursday, October 2, 2008

RV Crimes In Mexico


Everyone is getting ready to head South in the coming months and the recent news about Mexican crime have some in a real tizzy. First off, I will never say it hasn't happened or it won't happen. I am here to say that over the last couple of months I have practically challenged readers on the Rv.Net forums to come forward with their "first-hand" experiences. To date, there have been no postings of this type.

Funny too, I was surprised not to hear from my rifle-toting friend Billy Bob Barnacle from Picadilly DoDang Bottoms. He usually chimes in when a poster asks about crime in Mexico, precautions one should take, how many rv attacks there have been in the last year, etc. Of course you can never counter with a reply that looks anything like a comparasion with another country for fear of "justifying" your rving or living in Mexico.

Great. All that aside I am happy to report that we are starting our eighth Winter rving (not fulltime yet) here in Mexico and I can only name about four rv parks we have ever stayed in which says we are hardcore boondockers here in Mexico. Funny, our topic of conversation here at home, with retirement around the corner, is whether it is safe to boondock in the U.S. We've never done it there. Why? RV parks abound not to mention, city parks, state parks, and national parks. Sorry, but the infrastructure just hasn't made it to Mexico. This could be a boondocker's blessing in disguise. Sure we have some 80 to 100 rv parks in the whole country but most are on the West coast and cater to snowbirds looking for a warm climate and Pacific coast beaches.
So as of this year we have never experienced an event that would be classified as an assault, attack or even a theft of our belongings. There seems to be a fear of RVs by Mexicans. They are cautious upon approach and many times look at amazement as a rig goes by much less finds it place next to a city plaza or park. Twice in our experiences someone has knocked on our door. One was on our return trip from the Copper Canyon. We had driven quite a bit the next to the last day and made it to Torreon. Outside in a small ejido we found many empty lots. We located the "juez auxiliar" and he said "go for it". The next morning an older gentleman from across the road stopped by and knocked. He was just checking to make sure we weren't circus folk scouting for a place to set up. We reassured him we had nothing to do with the circus although we are an odd couple and quite short to boot! We talked over coffee about solar energy and the use of the generator.

The second time was this summer in Bustamante when we unknowingly were sharing our campsite with 50 Mexican soldiers. The comandante came over and knocked on the door and as I looked out the window there they were with their rifles ready for the attack. He introduced himself and asked us if we would mind them staying for the night. They stayed two nights and what more could you ask for in terms of personal security.
So here is my proposal. If you or anyone you know has been a victim of an rv crime please invite them to this blog and post your/their story. ****WARNING**** THIS HAS TO BE A FIRST HAND ACCOUNT. Leave Billy Bob at home on this one. I am also putting a new poll question to see if you have been a victim of crime.


  1. sorry, no crimes to report. We have been driving to, and wintering in, Mexico for 15 years since I retired. To reduce the risk I take less than 5 days to get from Nova Scotia to Mexico.

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