Monday, October 6, 2008

Winter Boondocking Spots

With everyone getting ready to head South, I thought I would remind you of the search option at the top of the blog. I have many of our boondocking locations on here it is just a matter of searching by location, city or state.
If you are coming down the East coast on your way to Cancun, Emerald Coast, etc. I encourage you to stop for a day or two at Barra del Tordo. We really love it. It is North of Tampico and East of Aldama, Tamp. You can stock up on goods in Aldama and use the internet cafés. Barra del Tordo is just 38 kms East and the road is in excellent condition and bit of a scenic route.
If you have problems finding something I have posted on the blog, drop me a mail.
Be sure to take advantage of which is the Secretaria de Communicación y Transporte. Click on Traza Tu Ruta and you will find excellent mapping directions and toll costs. Choose your vehicle type too to get accurate charges. We tracked our charges from Monterrey to Agua Prieta (Douglas, AZ) and the charge was off by 50 pesos in our favor. You can't beat that for accuracy.
****IMPORTANT NOTE**** I owe a couple of you some information. This week I am free to work on these things and you should be expecting an email (Yolanda and Elizabeth). Sorry for the delay but I am still a working stiff!

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