Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rant # 18980 and Other Various Items

The good news this Saturday morning is that people continue to vote. Even more amazing is that no one has voted saying they were murdered. Amen to that.

So my little rant of the day is the things I hate. I usually keep my bitching to myself as nobody likes to hear it and if they do they label me a complainer. So here it is. "Si, pero usted me dijo". (yes, but you told me). Give an inch and people take a mile. I just finished cleaning my driveway sweeping and hosing it down. Why? I was nice enough to tell the gardner that he could use the leaf blower to clear off the driveway. However, common sense would tell you that after three weeks of heavy rain and crud being drug in by the tires of the trucks that it needs a little more.

Painting the ceiling on the porch turned out nicely but I guess again people listen to me but it goes in one ear and out the other. I told them specifically to put down plastic sheeting. I had it in the shed. I come home and they are painting with a little piece of cardboard on the floor. I asked them about the plastic and the response was, " oh right, you said you had some in the shed". (ah si, usted me dijo que tiene el plastico ahi en el cuarto de triques). Fine.

The other thing I really hate is shit that doesn't work. Like a cheap spray nozzle and a garden hose that crimps. Part of it I blame on myself for being so cheap. As we say here, I like everything Bueno, Bonito y Barato.

So if you know rvers who don't belong to any of the forums, encourage them to get over here and vote so I can publish the numbers next Tuesday.


  1. I have noticed the decline in quality of workmanship up here NOB. You hire people to do something and they do a 75% job at best and charge 110%. After they leave you find something they have broken. Get in and get out as soon as you can seems to be the new capitalist motto. We are doing more stuff for ourselves at a time of our lives that we should start doing less.....

  2. I hate to say it, it maybe a cultural thing. My Mexican helper does EXACTLY the same things. Drives me crazy and he is the only person I have seen that can break a fiberglass hammer handle. He has worked for me for nearly 5 years without change. Great guy, will keep him as there are things he does well.