Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family Medical History


This morning I got up bright and early after being startled every hour by the monitor squeezing the daylights out of my arm. After that, the other monitor would start beeping for a minute and then things would quiet down.

Gave myself a sponge bath and washed my hair in the kitchen sink. I still don't feel clean. Went to the laboratory which is just at the first exit as you enter Monterrey from the South. Moriera Labs is a big network here in the North. I had a complete workup with additional tests for cholesterol, lipids, and liver. I don't know what these tests run in other countries but this was $130 dollars at the 12 peso exchange rate. Nurse LaFarge came into take the blood out. The face of a bulldog with no smile. I can tell her attitude is, "as long as there are sick people in the world, I'll be okay". I got her warmed up a bit when I asked her what color my blood was. She said very red and healthy looking, I told her I was hoping it was blue blood. By the time I left she was smiling. Good thing I'm not much of a talker!

They gave me an invoice that is deductible from my taxes as well as applicable to my high insurance deductible. I pick up my results via internet at 2:30 after my afternoon classes and head over to the cardiologist for the stress test.

There are 10 kids in my family, three have already had bypass. I think I'll ask my doctor to just remove the heart, it's cold as heck anyway, and then I'll be done with it. Maybe a 12 V water pump would work then I could be confined to my RV! Yippieeeee!


  1. Can't be that cold with as many people you have helped and continue to help. I had to pay nearly the same amount for the blood work before they did a little work on my best buddy, my cat Dobie.