Saturday, October 18, 2008

MEXTESOL Leon Guanjuato 2008 Part 2

The events continue throughout the four-day convention. Around 2000 teachers are here. Site selections have been made for the next two years. Monterrey 2009 will be a big event with estimates of 3500 teachers. Cancun 2010 will be a real hit with everyone but I would expect attendance to be much lower because of airfares and hotels.

We had a great dinner at El Bracerio restaurant on Thursday night. Live music with a trio. Several people from Comexus were with us and it turned out to be a fun evening. We didn't close the place but stayed until around 10:30. The food is excellent, great cuts of meat and best of all is the tableside service for salsa making. You choose the chiles and other ingredients. Fantastic.

A great trio played during dinner.

You can tell the juice was flowing that night. Left to right, me, Arcely, Jose Manuel, Juan Manuel, and Debra (U.S. Embassy staff)


  1. My friend, you forget that for many Monterrey is so far north and so expensive a city. I think you underestimate the number that will jump at the chance to visit Cancun and the Caribbean. It's much closer to DF and population centers in Mexico. Really though, national airlines are making travel within the Republic really inexpensive. I hope you guys come in 2010 and we get to meet. That year will be the 500th anniversary of the city of Merida and there are big celebrations already being planned.

  2. you'd be surprised. in 2004 we held the convention in monterrey. it was our biggest crowd ever. viva aerobus uses monterrey as a hub so getting here is cheaper than ever. d.f. to mty is every 30 minutes six days a week.

    we had over 800 teachers this year that traveled over 15 hours by bus to attend. problem in beach cities are affordable accomodations.

    2010 will see us in Cancun no doubt.