Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dia De La Revolución! Picnic in Bustamante, N.L.

Yesteray was a national holiday celebrating the Mexican Revolution. Instead of staying home and hanging out around the house we decided to head North on Hwy 1 from Monterrey to Bustamante. You might remember we were there in July on our month-long tour of Nuevo Leon. Our friends Felipe and Lorena own and operate the Ancira Hotel and Restaurant.

When we arrived, we had a quick breakfast at the Ancira and then headed out to do some shopping to buy bread. Bustamante is famous for Pan de Bustamante, Semita, and their own version of Coyotas.

After, we met up with another couple Doroteo and his lovely wife Reyna who looks a lot like the singer Selena. We went for a walk and chatted before heading over to Felipe and Lorena's house for a carne asada. We had a great time laughing, telling stories, and remembering the time when I didn't speak any Spanish and never said much of anything. Now they say I won't shut up. I told them I am making up for all the time I couldn't communicate. Wow, I have been here a long time. Sure am glad I took the plunge.

Bustamante is an hour and a half drive on Hwy 1 South from the Columbia bridge. It is home to the park, Del Cañon where we stayed this year for four days. There are the grutas, or caves which are still closed for remodeling but slated to open in January. This is a great town to buy an old house (by old I mean over 150 yrs old), remodel it and use it as a Winter home. The town is peaceful, trouble and crime free and only an hour from Monterrey. There are a couple of old homes for sale with the traditional interior patio and water well.

We grilled some great sirloin that we bought locally at a great price of 65 pesos a kilo and it was some of the best meat we have ever grilled. Here take a look!

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