Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home From Chihuahua - Sick In Bed

First off, I want to shout out to Judy who posted a comment saying she is a new Funfinder owner and member of our Yahoo Funfinder Group. You'll love your Funfinder!

Made it home safe and sound last night from Chihuahua. The AeroMexico Connect flight was an Embraer 145. We hit quite a bit of turbulence and it just happened to start at the same time as the onboard snack service. We finally got a quick drink so I had my happy hour starter.

I have been fighting a cold all week, it seemed to just hang around without ever developing full blown. Well, now it's here and I my head feels like a swollen balloon. Good thing I am on vacation now until the end of January. Yes, I am on a two-month vacation.

First comes jury duty in San Antonio. I have opted not to take the Funfinder as my neighbor in San Antonio and best friend insisted I stay at their house. So I will give the Durango a real workout before our rv trip to Veracruz. I tested the mpg last week and came out much better than I thought, 19.73. That included some city driving. So I feel much better driving it although I have learned that fast starts are a real gas drinker and I have learned to drive it by the rmps not the mph.

One of the nice things about working with teachers is that they always give me gifts. Here is a pic of some the goodies I received while in Chihuahua.

I always try to interject my feelings about the environment via rving and camping. I used an example during the course about littering. I said that if you buy a product, you also buy the packaging. So if you buy a bag of chips you are the owner of the bag and you keep it with you until you find a place to put it. Sure enough, a teacher pulled out her bag of tricks and showed us her recycling project. Take a look.

Coin purse made of chip bags, and a handbag made of flip tops from aluminum cans.

Another purse made from potatoe chip bags.

This is the teacher who made the products. Every time I turned around, she had on another disguise. She was a real hoot. That's what makes a great English teacher.

If anyone is interesting in crossing the border around the 9th or 10th of December at the Columbia Bridge outside of Laredo, I will be heading back from San Antonio and would be glad to help you with your crossing and on to all points South. Just let me know via email and we can set something up. I know the people in Immigration and the rest of the permit process I can help with the Spanish. Being that I cross the opposite way, I know some but not alot of the process. At least I could be there for moral support and Spanish.

Save yourself some time and make three copies of everything. That will save you time. Remember, you can pay with credit card.

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