Monday, January 12, 2009

A Different Type of SnowBird

We didn't take the trailer to McAllen for the rv show. It wasn't worth the time or effort to pay the extra tolls and gas not to mention the hassle of crossing the border and going through an exhaustive revision.

When it is an overnighter in McAllen I like to stay at the Drury Suites which is right on Hwy 83 and Sixth Street. It is next to the Olive Garden and convenient to all shopping there along the highway from Pharr to Mission. The comfort is wonderful, the suites are very nice and the service is always good.

So here we are going to the manager's happy hour. We saw quite a large group of retirees in the bar area and having a great time. As we got in line to get a drink I engaged in a conversation with a woman and her husband. They are snowbirds but use the Drury Suites across the Southwest to spend their Winters. They came down from the cold North and they say for them it is worth the money.

They pay around 2400 dollars a month and this is what they get:

two-room suite

fully equipped kitchen

maid service

two 42 inch flat screen tvs


1 hour long distance daily

two meals (breakfast and dinner)

three drinks during happy hour (full bar)




shuttle services

pets allowed in rooms

They said they are not rvers and prefer the hotel. They can move around the warm climate areas wherever there are Drury Suites. I took a couple of pictures to give you an idea.

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