Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Sad Sad Day. . . .

Sitting here in the Culiacan airport waiting for my early flight home and I decided to enjoy my Sunday morning newsletter. I have read for years every Sunday even though now it arrives in my mailbox on Saturday. I save it as Sunday is my free day to do and eat what I want.
Every week Chuck publishes a survey on his newsletter. This morning I was reading the results of his survey from last Sunday. The question was, "Will you watch or attend the Presidential Inauguration?"
The response was more than 60% NO! I am shocked. I am more shocked by the comments left by some of the 1570 voters. Hatred, anger, disgust and pure out and out racism.
No wonder most of the world hates us. I am so sick I could just cry. Whatever happened to the greatest country on Earth? I ask myself, what will happen next.
The civil war, the civil rights movement, Vietnam, and all the rest were just a waste of time. Not too many people have changed over the last 250 years. It is a sad, sad day for me. I have lost my faith in my fellow man. It had been dwindling for years, but now I know the reality in which we live.
Sorry for posting this, but it is rv related as the survey was given to rvers. What ashame. I thought we were a different breed but I guess not. If you have a chance to read Chuck's newletter, check the survey for last week. It is a real eye opener.


  1. hi, Chris,

    i know how you feel. i didn't realize it was as high as 60%. bummer! about half of my friends are part of the 60%, and that was shocking for me to see their racism and hatred, even in emails they sent around before the election

    it has made me want to be one of the 40%, but on a larger scale, in my personal life. i want to be one of those people who still care and live the ideals we grew up with

    i have vowed to make a difference in other peoples' lives, one person at a time, wherever i am, because that is the kind of world i want to be a part of. the more i am like that, the more i will attract others who are like-minded, and so will you

    if you give to others in any small way(s) you can, every day, wherever you are -- a smile, a listening ear, picking up something a stranger dropped, buying a homeless person a cup of coffee on a cold day, etc. -- you will get much more than you give

    the world feels so much warmer when you are actively warming up the world for others. remember the Beatles' song, "Hey Jude" -- take a sad song, and make it better!

    Jean G/Juanita V

  2. Hatred, anger, disgust and pure out and out racism, seems to be very much a part of the US mind set. I find most say that like the RGV, but dislike Mexicans. Think all younger generation is lazy. Think a black president is the end of the US. Crazy! Every day, I hope, the next generation will guide the way in reflecting the ideals of the founding fathers. The main rule I always try to live by is "treat others like you would like to be treated." Obama has a hard road ahead. The voters elected him. I will carry the feeling of how special the election results were, the turn out at his inauguration, to help me combat the ignorant 60%
    that are a part of my generation. I still don't know how we got so far off track.

  3. Well I am neither an expat nor an RV'er, but I feel compelled to respond to the above posts. I am a "born and bred" white southerner and I did NOT vote for Obama - but not because of his race. I simply think he does not have the experience that ANY of the other presidential candidates have. Yes, he has a hard road ahead, but it has nothing to do with his race. He was the junior US Senator from Illinois with absolutely ZERO executive experience.

    The other point I want to make is about the "hatred" of America. The "hatred" is often spread by people who either don't know or don't consider the awesome responsibility of this country for the safety and freedom that, not only we Americans enjoy, but numerous other democratic countries in the world; France, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, and more recently, Israel, Kuwait and Iraq, to name a few.

    This country does not attack or invade for territorial gain. It does not drop bombs on the unsuspecting naval fleets of other countries. It does not fly planes into skyscrapers, killing people who have absolutely nothing to do with any military agenda. It does not commit genocide or mass murder of its countrymen. This country offers freedom - freedom to live, speak, worship without fear of imprisonment or execution. And you are free to disagree with that.

  4. Chris....I,too, saw that article/stats and I was also very, VERY upset. I met you at the RV.NET presentation that you gave and mentioned that I had been to the Inaugural last week. THAT was the most amazing and exciting experience of my 65 years of Life!!! While there is a post on here that I would like to reply to, I will not enter into a discussion of politics on your webiste. I just want to say that those who could not be there in Washington last week, and to those that chose not to watch on the TV, that it one of the most wonderful days that our country has experienced....ever! Writing this comment now, and thinking about last week, still brings tears to my eyes, just as it did on the day before the Inaugural and on the BIG day itself. WOW.....finally our country has a chance to turn itself around and join the rest of the world. Wish you could have been there to "feel" that amazing day!