Friday, January 23, 2009

Topolobampo, Sinaloa

Finally I am getting around to posting my visit to Topolobampo just to the West of Los Mochis. I am back, by the way, in Los Mochis until tomorrow. I will work here tomorrow morning and then take off for Culiacan to spend the night so that I can catch an earlier flight home on Sunday getting to the house around noon.

I am off to McAllen, TX on Monday morning for the Snowbird Rally, hoping to inform people there about rving in Mexico. Cool!

So last weekend we were off to the beach at Topo. Man was I surprised. The road is fantastic and the whole area one of the cleanest tourist places I have ever seen. We took a detour to see the ferry but security wouldn't let us take pictures. So you can see no pictures but they are building a new terminal building and dock for the ferry.
We arrived at the beach only to find there is a place to park your rv. I would assume you could overnight there as there is security. The beach is beautiful and the sand wonderful. I know I promote the East coast but hey, I never said I didn't like the West coast. We ate seafood starting out with ceviche made with squid, octopuss, raw and cooked shrimp.

While we were there we were entertained by a trio of guys that play very good music as well as the bass player who rides his cello. It is a real kick to see their act and I guess they are well known at the beach. They were in high demand while we were there.

The beach is a great place to be during sundown. We usually get the sunrises on the East coast but there is really something special about the sun setting.

This is a shot of the restaurant where we ate on the beach. There are many and this one has tables down on the sand.

I saw this couple on the beach embracing during a romantic moment.

Wow, what I would give to be able to rv on the West coast. There is no doubt the beaches are great. The downside is the cold water, great to look at but not for swimming. So the East coast is good for that in the Winter.

As you approach the beach before crossing the bridge there is a huge bat cave. The bats come out at dusk. Be sure to cover your head.

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