Thursday, January 1, 2009

Emerald Coast - San Rafael

Living along the Emerald Coast offers more than just the beach and lazy days. There are lots of things to see and do and they are all nearby or within a short distance. Las Casitas sits just 4.5 kms from the rv parks and is a small drive through town but has excellent opportunites for seafood restaurants including Marie's. There are places to buy short list goods, fix a flat, mecanics, etc.

San Rafael seems to be the closest place of choice as it has a small supermarket and you can find just about everything there. It has dry goods, a salchichoneria, meat counter, good vegetables and a bakery. As I mentioned in another post, the French has a huge influence on this area. In fact, as we were having Sunday breakfast in town at El Sotano a family that still was very much French came in, kids in tow. For a moment we thought we were in France.

We had breakfast with Bill and Sharon that morning. El Sotano (the basement) has a downstairs dining area along the river. It was a beautiful morning and we had the local tradition for breakfast. Pambazos are an inflated tortilla that you put eggs in salsa, beans, cheese, cream and salsa on top to your liking.

I saw my first Wilson's Warbler there, it was flying around the restaurant.

Another hot spot is to visit the local museum and discover the history of San Rafael. Our guide for the day was the local historian who is doing his Master's on the local history and the French influence. It was a great tour and we would have never been able to learn that on our own. He is leaving to do field work but has assured us that his fill-in will be able to do the job.
The museum is located across from the clock tower as you enter town.

All the artifacts are from the townspeople.

A sample of a vanilla field sits alongside the museum.

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  1. Effectivamente Jicaltepec queda uno de los lugares mas interessante de la visita de la colonia francésa. Me permito escribirle porque soy la sola guia, a este dia, de la region. Soy francésa y conosco bien la historia de la colonia. Con mi amigo Carlos Callejas (ex-director del Museo de San Rafael) hechamos ganas para el desarollo turistico y el rescate de las casas antiguas. El ecoturismo puede apoyar la economia de Jicaltepec.
    Si quieren una guia me puede contactar a traves de mi sitio internet.En abril me voy a cambiar de Xalapa a esa region para mejor servicio al estranjero que tiene la curiosidad de conocer una historia pasionante.
    Hablo francés y espanol.
    Buen viaje en Mexico. Bon voyage au Mexique.
    Carole Guyon le Bouffy