Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Rosca - Dia de Los Reyes Magos


Last night the kids put their shoes outside in hopes the Three Kings would leave toys in them. How they fit that bicycle in those little shoes I'll never know.

Today I went into town to pay the property tax and the car plates for 2009, back to that in a minute. There was a table that circled the entire plaza with women and children all around. The famous "rosca" or round cake was on the table. In Monterrey they had one continous circular cake more than 600 meters long.

Across the street in front of the cathedral was a stage with the Nativity behind it. On the stage were the Three Kings and they were announcing that the person who found the baby Jesus would win a prize. There were three white baby Jesus and one solid gold. The solid gold would get the biggest and best of the prizes. Our illustrious mayor (I say that tongue in cheek) was on hand to monitor the activities. So now you know the secret of the rosca. In Mexican homes, the person who finds the baby Jesus has to have a party on February 2nd to celebrate Dia de Candelaria.

Even today at the gym, the first week back we celebrated Three Kings day. But it wasn't with a whole wheat version or low-fat either. It was a gas! I selected my slice very carefully and did not get the little doll that was inside.

After I went to Allende, the new town where we will live sometime in the future (if and when the house sells). The street to the neighborhood from the highway is paved but has quite a few potholes. I went to the presidencia to see if something could be done about it. I met the person in charge of public works and he said, "consider it done this next week". It would be a breath of fresh air if it happens compared to where I live now. I have fought six years with the current city administration over our road and have won some of the battles but not the big one. Moving to Allende may bring some pleasant surprises.

I stopped by the house in Allende and took some pics. The forty foot trailer has a manual thermostat and I want to change it out. I took a picture to post on the rv.net to see what is recommended to put in a digital. Also, I took pics of the locks on both the front sliding doors and the back bedroom door. I went by the locksmith to see if he could change them out and key them alike. We didn't get a key to the front door so we have to enter through the back. He may go out tomorrow.
Presidencia Municipal Allende

Tomorrow will be an interesting day.


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