Monday, January 5, 2009

Sitting In My RV

Apart from the cold front that has moved in, life is settling back to normal here at the ranch. It will be 46F tonight, a bit too cold for my blood.
I've come out here to the trailer to watch the local news and the heater in this small TT really works well. I enjoy my time out here. Even though it is parked in the driveway, I feel like I am on the road. Maybe I am a gypsy. My grandparents came from Austria-Hungary at that time and I have read many books about gypsies and am fascinated by their lives.
Today I had an interesting banking experience. In the month of January, the state of Nuevo Leon gives us a 15% discount if we pay our property tax and car tags before the end of the month. I ordered my checks from the bank but my branch is far, far away and I have run out. I opted to stop at the ATM and take out the cash. I put in the card and nothing happened. After about 3 minutes, the transaction cancelled itself saying it was too much time in process. I thought maybe the amount I had asked for was not available or the denominations of bills was not sufficient. So, I tried again with a different amount and the same thing. I headed down the road to town and tried another ATM and it said I had exceeded my limit. What??????
I headed back home to check my account on line and to my surprise it had made the two withdrawals but the first one had automatically been reversed. I went to the bank near my house and they put me in contact with the 800 number that resolves these issues. I reported it and they gave me a case number. By the time I got back home, the second transaction also had been reversed. Pretty good, huh?
So here I sit in the trailer and I am thinking about what mods I can do for this year. The first one is to install a digital thermostat. Not only here but in the 40 ft trailer also. Change the flooring, all 40 some odd square feet. Hey, I did the half bath in the house, why can't I do this one. The closet is abysmal in that it has a huge space in the bottom and we toss our shoes in there. When you want to reclaim a pair, it is a nightmare. If I had my way and the money, I would close off the bottom of the closet and open a hole in the outside of the trailer and install the small window unit we use there. One of the Trailmanors we owned had a cabinet air. It was the "coolest thing". With the cabinet air, it doesn't stick out of the trailer but is enclosed with a vent cover outside. The unit stays enclosed but with a drain pan underneath. Trailmanor doesn't use them anymore as they changed the construction to support a roof air on all units in the front part of the trailer.
Saturday morning we head out bright and early for the RV show in Mercedes, Tx. If you don't know, Mercedes is one of the many small towns that runs the RGV corridor. I can't wait to see what they have. I may print tee-shirts for us that say, "LivingBoondockingMexico". So if you see us be sure to say "hey".
So while you all are tucked away in your rvs reading this, I am too. Just as long as I don't look out the window I will continue to think I am along the Emerald Coast.
Have a good one!

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