Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mexican Insurance

On our trip in December to Veracruz, we hit a bit hole thanks to my lack of attention. With the Durango, we can now drive a million miles per hour and not know that there is a casita behind us. We damaged both black and grey tanks and when we got home, I damaged both the stabilizer jacks entering the road where we live.

So today the adjuster came and tomorrow we will have a resolution. I am hoping that it will be the following: take the trailer to San Antonio this weekend and have it repaired and AXA will reimburse me.

They want me to take it to a place that repairs tractor-trailers. I told them that the tanks are special order and we need an RV specialist to do the work.

I will update you tomorrow or Saturday on the resolution.

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  1. Hi Chris,
    I have been wondering how you fixed the tank.