Saturday, January 3, 2009

Emerald Coast - Jicaltepec

Another great place to spend the day is in the town of Jicaltepec. Getting there is the best part of the trip. Jicaltepec is located across the river from San Rafael but getting there can take awhile if you don't know the route. Ask in town for directions. Keep your eyes open for the sign as it is partially hidden behind a banana plant and about 25 meters down the road. A bus also goes to the river crossing several times a day so you can pick it up in San Rafael.

Park the car and the boat driver will see you and come across. The cost is 10 pesos for the ride. We paid the 10 pesos for four people so I assume the cost is 2.50 per person.

The French, upon arrival to Veracruz attempted to grow several crops in the area settling in Jicaltepec and forming the first vanilla plantations in the area.

Another footprint left by the French in this area was their dedication to roof tile production. You can see many examples up close in the museum in San Rafael but on a grander scale in Jicaltepec. All the roof tops are covered with these French roof tiles made of clay as well as the French architecture that dominates the town. In fact, there are pictures in the museum looking across the river to Jicaltepec and those buildings are still standing today.

It is a very quiet town and the people very friendly. It is just a nice place to go for a stroll and grab a bite to eat wondering what life was like when the French were a major influence on the area.

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  1. Hey heyyyy i like find another page about my little town, please everybody if you go to Mexico don't forget visit this wonderfull place, is quiet, safe and the people is very friendly.... i see you soon