Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Victoria RV Park - Return to Monterrey

After we had washed the rig and eaten shrimp at La Playa, we went back to the rv park for a nap. There was another rig now in the park. After waking up we went for a walk to take a look around the park. There is a big palapa in the back that I guess was used gatherings by the caravans. The palapa is in good condition but is now used for housing junk and cars. Same thing goes with the row of rooms that used to be rented on one side of the park. They too are filled with stuff and in disrepair. I mention these things as this park is a good park, it is in a valuable location in terms of heading South and its distance to the border. It would be great if someone who knows the owner can convince her that the potential is still there but the park needs a good clean up and some paint as well as a better rate than 22 dollars a night, not to scare anyone off. First basic work would be a repair of the bathrooms and replacement of the rotted window frames for some new aluminum ones, and a new sidewalk in front of the bathrooms.

Personally, I would fence off the one entrance and road that is associated with the locales that she rents and remodel the rooms for rent. That would make a separate business from the rv park and it would segregate the ugly view of that area from the grassy rv park.

While we walked around we met the other couple with the rig. This was a real treat for two reasons. One, the Ellis' are a cool couple who have traveled Mexico for 25 years, and second because they have a 1978 Explorer Class B that is a rig to die for. Not that I talk a lot, but I found a way to convince them to show us the rig this morning before taking off. What a piece of work in all senses of the word. This Class B has a full wetbath, dinette, a bedroom that can be closed off from the rest of the cabin and a wall closet with sliding doors and drawers down below. This rig has over 300,000 miles on it and just received an engine rebuild.

Before heading out this morning I took a picture of a clean rig and a view of the park.

During the trip we paid for fuel with credit cards 100% of the time. We never had to look for a station as the first one we would stop at accepted cards. Some wouldn't take American Express but accepted Visa/MasterCard and debit cards. The ride home was a good one as I love traveling Hwy 85 North.

It is my territory and I love the mountain views.

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