Thursday, December 25, 2008

Barra Del Tordo, Tamps - Tamiahua, Veracruz

Entrance to Tamiahua, Veracruz

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We made great time from Barra Del Tordo but we had left so late in the morning that we didn't arrive to Tamiahua until 5 in the afternoon. The roads were good all the way and it looks like a lot of work has been done on the road in Veracruz. We accidentally ended up on the bypass around Tampico. We are accustomed to passing over the big bridge over the canal but we could see it in the distance as we passed by on the bypass. Many people have said that they get stopped by transito on the bypass. We passed many transito but we had no problems. We never get stopped, I guess it is our Mexican plates.

As we arrived to Naranjos, we took the left turn to Tamiahua. The signs are well-marked and it is a good road turned bad turned good again. This road is not for big rigs, caution. We found later that there is a road coming from Tuxpan North to Tamiahua which is much better suited for big rigs.
Sunrise at Tamiahua

In Tamiahua, a fishing town and home of "mariscos" we found everyone to be very friendly regardless of the looks on their faces. So much so that we felt very welcomed there. We went to Tamiahua to stay on the beach side crossing the canal that runs between it and the mainland. A bit of a disappointment as the "chalan" or ferry couldn't take our rig as it sat too low in the back and couldn't make it up the ramp.
We stayed along the canal in front of the hotel and we enjoyed the evening. It is very quiet at night and no passersby. We walked around town for an hour, checked our email at one of the many cibercafes. The next morning, Wednesday, we got up early and went into town but the internet cafes didn't open until ten. We headed out but not before buying empanadas de cameron and some others made from cooked milk, not leche quemada. By the way, you can now enjoy the beach at Tamiahua, the bridge you see in the background will be finished on the 28th of December.
If we are still in the neighborhood, we may go back for a look see. Below is the city of Tuxpan. Just follow the signs to keep heading South.

The road started off with quite a bit of pot holes, but we eneded up the day on very good freshly paved roads. We arrived to Trailer Park de Alba in the early afternoon to a friendly group of rvers and spent the evening with a Christmas Eve potluck and great conversation. More on all that tomorrow except to say this stretch of Veracruz, the Emerald Coast, is really a treat.

One interesting point I came up with on this trip is, "follow the signs" do not follow your logic. When you accept this, it will work beautifully for you. Throw out the compass!


  1. btutts.i work in ebano,mex.i found your pic.of tamiahua,witch is near my love to hear more about your trip.please.i plan to move to ebano this year.with my wife. she dont so crazy about the like for her to see thats its safe too be in mex.and live there. thanks.

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