Monday, December 15, 2008

A Sad Day

Tried to save a dog today. I saw her on the grassy divider on the highway as I was attempting to return to the bank to cash a check. I've said before that I attempt to pull dogs off the highway that have been hit so they don't get completely destroyed by passing cars and trucks. I got to her and saw she was breathing and bundled her up and off we went to my vet about 15 minutes down the road.
I petted her and assured her we would get help and she would be fine. We got to the vet and he went right to work. She had a broken leg, several broken vertebrae and internal bleeding. He recommended we put her down and I said go ahead.
I held her as he gave her a tranquilizer to settle her down a bit. She was pretty much out of it but I just couldn't leave her alone. After about 10 minutes he gave her the final death knell. I held her tight as he injected her and she winced a bit. Then she started having a heart attack, I just did the best I could and after about 15 long seconds she went on.
I just couldn't leave her out there in the cold to die alone and this wasn't the ending I was hoping for. Now she is out of pain and off with other furkids running around in some imaginary meadow.
I miss my two furkids; Gum and Tasha. They were good kids!

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  1. I am crying for both of you,all I can say is she had someone who cared about her and probably the only one in her life that did and you saw her thru to the end