Friday, December 26, 2008

Tamiahua. Veracruz to Costa Esmeralda & Trailer Park de Alba "Yuri"

As I said yesterday, we arrived safely to Trailer Park de Alba. We met up with Bill and Sharon and they introduced us to all the other rvers in the park. Sorry if you view the blog and you are staying at the park, but I don't remember names very well and it takes me awhile to remember. Mike is the caretaker and is doing a good job of trying to get the place into shape. Edgar and his wife are from Austria and they have a motorhome that they leave in Florida when they are not in the states. We even found a couple here with a Trailmanor, surprising to us as we used to own two different Trailmanor models.

On Christmas Eve we all gathered for a Christmas dinner. I need to apologize to everyone, we ate and after a short conversation we took off for bed. It had been a long day driving and I was pretty pooped so we should have stayed and helped clean up.

We had a fresh baked ham, turkey, mash potatoes and gravy, salads and all the trimmings. Edgar made some of the best pototoe salad and swedish meatballs. They were good and as you will see in the photo not much left to eat after we devoured the plate. The same thing goes with Sharon's deviled eggs. Excellent, popping them into my mouth one at a time. We had some wonderful deserts too! Bill and Bev brought "blonde brownies". I stashed two away for our nap the next day with a glass of cold milk.
The park is nice and located next to Neptuno. I will say that Neptuno has made some great strides in maintenance and repairs. The place looks great and the rv spots are immaculate and the park overall is well-groomed. I would encourage people to consider it also. Both are nice and have pools along with a wide-open beach. Hook ups are good. Even though many are saying it is only 15 amp or less, we have had no problems running our 7700 btu Polar Cub roof air in the afternoons during downtime.
Casitas is close by, 4 kms and from there you can visit San Rafael which has all the stores you need to go shopping for groceries, fresh baked goods, hardware stores, and some wonderful little restaurants. Shrimp abound here and a good cocktail will run you 35 pesos.

We have been here before but this trip I could stay on for some time and work in the rv park and be quite content.

A young couple with three kids in tow stayed two nights in the park. Ned and Tessa have a Lazy Dazes Class C and Tessa has been touring Mexico and parts of Central America with the kids. Ned comes to visit when he can get away from work. Here are the kids on their way out of the park this morning playing with the park's adopted dogs. They are heading back to the states now. I bet the kids have a trip of a lifetime to remember.

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  1. That's so cool that you met Tessa and the kids. We met them here in Mérida and 'knew' them from our Lazy Daze forum as well.

    It's a wonderfully small world.