Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tecolutla Here We Come!

As part of Juan's Spring project at the University of Ohio, he wanted to take some souvenirs from this region of Mexico to share with his co-workers and students. We asked around the area here in Casitas and San Rafael to see where we could buy in quantity but at a better price. Most people recommended we drive to Xalapa which is about a three hour drive.

We stopped first here in Casitas for gas at the local Pemex. BTW, they too accept credit cards. Talking to the attendant he recommended we drive up to Tecolutla. He was almost sure we would have a wide variety of souvenires to choose from plus great prices. Tecolutla here we come!

Off we went heading towards Zamora and the infamous toll bridge. The toll is only 18 pesos and the bridge is a good one. After heading North and crossing the bridge we went to downtown Zamora and along the river. As we exited Zamora the road took us right to Tecolutla. 15 minutes approx.

As we entered the town we asked to women along the road where we could find souvenirs. They said we had to go all the way downtown. With my glass always half full, I thought for sure this was going to be an adventure. Not! It was about five blocks down the road.

Paradise. Not only can you find souvenirs in abundance, but you can find seafood of all kinds at very affordable prices. Complete breakfast of enchiladas with eggs, beans, bread, juice and coffee for 35 pesos. 2 pesos for a piece of pan dulce. Excellent! The beach is a wonderful place too with lots of vendors, palapas and great waves for the avid swimmer.

Ask me about hotels. Leave your rig for a couple of days and head to Tecolutla. Hotels range from 200 to 300 pesos, all with air conditioning, small but very modern and most have a pool and restaurant. You can sit in a sidewalk restaurant and drink beer or have a coffee Veracruzano and watch the lazy day pass by you or go shopping and spend the day at the beach or around the well-appointed pools at the small hotels.

Juan asked this little volador if he could have his picture taken with him. The kid said he could but also asked for some "cooperacion".

I highly recommend this place at least for a day stop.

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  1. That is exactly how we like to travel as well. Sample the local food, sit at a streetside cafe and people watch!

    Chris, you will have to share your route with me as that is the way we would like to get to the Yucatan next year.