Saturday, December 20, 2008

It Tows Like Butter!

Went for the trailer today. Got there and put the WDH in the slot and guess what? It was now too long for the new hitch they put on. They made the slot shorter to accomodate the spare tire. Now what do we do?? Well, thanks to very lax city planning, there was a guy down the street that makes wrought iron window protectors, gates, etc. He wacked off a half inch and it fit right in.

Hooked up the hitch, lights, action and off I went. Juan followed behind all the way home, about 60 kms. Man it felt good to see that trailer behind me. The Durango tows like a dream. It has so much power and the ride with the trailer is as smooth as butter. Really!

So the plan was to take off tomorrow, but since there's no rush in more I think we will wait until Monday but early, like around 7 a.m. That should get us down the coast quite a ways. We have been invited to a Christmas Eve potluck at Trailer Park de Alba. That is the goal.

Tomorrow I will finish cleaning up the yard a bit and getting the trailer loaded. Can't leave home unless everything is in order. Old habits die hard.

Also, in January we will head to Mercedes, Tx for the annual RGV RV Show the 8th through the 10th. I think we will have tee-shirts made that say, "QTLA".

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