Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stolen Wallet Update


The wheels of justice move very slowly in the U.S. I filed a police report and they said to give them 7 to 10 working days to get the report in the system. Okay.

In the meantime, they suggested I go to the stores where the thefts took place and ask for the surveillance video and then call the police to ask for the tapes. That doesn't happen. Liability. Two of the stores said that they couldn't do it without a subpoena. So I will stop playing Sam Slade and let the U.S. handle their crime problems.

It was interesting how fast these guys can work a credit card scam. And the garbage they bought. All grocery stores, gas stations, pizza places and movie rentals. Is there a pattern here, and all the stores are the same chain. Thanks to HEB's policy of trusting the customer there are never credit card or ID checks.

One interesting point is that the store manager said the liability issue is way out of hand. For example, if they chased a shoplifter out of the store and across the street and the shoplifter was hit by a car they would be liable for injury or death to the criminal.

My final comment as I have let all of this go seeing it was my fault; you made your bed now lie in it will hold true to me. I am a happy camper living in Mexico. It may have its faults but it doesn't put up with a lot of bullshit from people.

Juan did the same thing before we went on vacation in July. Loaded groceries into the truck at the local HEB in Monterrey and pushed the cart back into the store. Just like me, five minutes later, he went back for the wallet and it was gone. The big difference; we went to the store manager and he summoned the security group. They began scanning the videos, we found the guy on tape taking the wallet. We called the police, they arrived, found the wallet thrown away without the cash but retrieved the credit cards. Now that is how you handle justice. They guy is on a local wanted list.

Here had to call in, at my leisure, the report. Even though this would be a very easy case to solve and probably an inside job from a store employee and a young one at that, the credit card company will absorb the thefts, the police will never do anything about it, our lives will be impacted with higher credit card charges and interest rates, the evil-doers will continue to pollute the planet and I am now victim number 71,000 here in San Antonio.

Good day!

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