Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Vacation - Posadas
Finally, I am making some progress. Yesterday they installed the hitch. Today I took the Pathfinder in to have them take off the brake controller and then went back with the Durango to reinstall it. Looks great and all systems work in terms of no electrical issues. Tomorrow I will attach the trailer and check all the lights. I can't wait. Sunday we are on the road to Barra del Tordo and spend at least one or two days. Then on to Veracruz.

I took the picture in the dark. I had wanted to take it before leaving the shop. BTW, the place that did the work is called T-Rent-T and the owner is Gerardo Tavasci, their website is They manufacture all types of trailer for towing ATVs, taco stands, and even custom-made trailers. He carries a large stock of rv parks including air conditioners, roof vents, all things related to towing, break controllers, light replacements, black, grey and fresh water tanks, and so on. They do great work and if you are in a pinch while in Mexico they can send you a part. I just realized you can't see anything. I'll try to take it again tomorrow.

Being it is Christmas time, posadas abound. Today I was invited to an elementary school for their posada. Lots of music, dancing and food. It was a good time had by all.

I now have Thursday and Friday to prepare for the trip. I really prefer a day before the trip just to go over everything and get some rest. I am so looking forward to this trip and sharing all the things we find along the way. I will attempt to report everyday as long as ciber cafes are available.

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  1. This vacation was a long time coming Chris! Relax and enjoy yourselves!

    It is also good to know there is a supplier of RV equipment somewhere in Mexico.