Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dental Care In Mexico

There seems to be some myths about dental care in Mexico. Mexican dentists are well-known for their skills and craftsmanship as well as their lower prices. It is only logical that their prices are lower as the insurance industry has not infected this country like the U.S.
A good cleaning runs under 25 dollars with the current exchange rate. Crowns, bridges, root canals can be expensive in the U.S. but much less expensive here and you can do it as you are rving here in the Winter. Many people who live along the border cross into Mexico everyday to have their dental work done.
Having first-hand experience in dental care I can vouche for the quality and price. I was born with bad teeth. I had all my teeth capped at age 7. From then on it has been a losing battle and one that I have dreaded all of my life. However, knowing that my teeth would always be in conflict I found a good Mexican dentist who was honest and not just out to make a peso.
My first experience was in 1985 when my San Antonio dentist told me I needed to permanent bridges. The cost at the time was 1600 dollars a piece. My wonderful insurance policy only covered the first 1000 dollars per year after deductible. That meant I had to have one done and then wait a year. I came to Mexico. Juan's brother is a dentist. He said he would do two removable bridges for 250 dollars. He said it would actually save my teeth as they would have to
destroy the surrounding teeth to make the permanent bridges. After I got home with my new dental pieces that saved me a couple of thousands of dollars, I contacted my insurance company just for kicks. They offered to reimburse me for the 250 dollars.
Since that experience I have relied solely on Mexican dentists. Think of all the Americans who cannot afford dental care because they have no insurance. I have noticed over the years that more Americans have teeth missing than ever before. This has always been true in undeveloped countries.
The myth I would like to dispell is that Mexican dentists do not use lead in their fillings. First, it is against the law and second, if that were true, people would be dropping like flies from lead poisoning.
Some dentists will use cheaper materials. Again, as I always say, KNOW BEFORE YOU GO. As with one permanent bridge I had put it, on the advice of a friend in the U.S. who is a retired dentist, I paid extra for pure gold under the porcelain. I have had that bridge for five years and the gum tissue hugs that bridge. It works beautifully and looks very natural. You get what you pay for. Be a good consumer.
And do you really believe that if you get your dental work done in Mexico and go back to show your American dentist that he is going to say, "good on ya". Don't hold your breath, he is protecting his business.

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  1. Hi Chris, My wife has also had bad teeth all her life and ended up getting top and bottom implants in Canada three years ago for the price of $40,000!

    Three of the teeth in her removable plate (new technology - held in with magnets) developed three chipped teeth. In Algodones we visited a dentist who offered to replace the individual teeth for $20 each or the entire plate for $250. She chose to replace the three teeth as the manufacturing process for the new plate would have required destroying the old one to get the parts out. She is very happy with her $60 repair job!