Monday, April 27, 2009

And Then There Were Two

A little tribute to someone who has been in my life for almost 25 years. Over the weekend, Bea Arthur passed away. You may not know this about me, but not only do we have all the syndicated Golden Girl dvds, we also have all the episodes on VHS that we have recorded over the years. We started the first year in 1985.

Since that time, I have watched a Golden Girls episode almost every day since then. I even travel with Golden Girls dvds so that I can watch an episode on the road. We know the scripts, the lines, the jokes, and the stories. Estelle Getty passed away in 2007 and Bea this past weekend.

The episodes are time markers in my life. Thanks Bea for all you have given us, from Maude to Dorothy Zbornak. We have even thought about building a house that mirrors that of the girls.
Thank you for being a friend!

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