Saturday, April 25, 2009

Severe Back Pain and the Threat of Swine Flu

Finally I am able to post pictures. I had to change rooms here at the hotel as I was too far from the antenna to get a decent signal. I figured that if I was going to be here all weekend, come Sunday I would want to read my RvTravel.Com newsletter with my coffee and then do some rving surfing.

Last week I turned the wrong way or something and hurt a lower back muscle. The last two days the pain was unbearable. After the course this morning, I went to a local chiropractor who gave me a good massage, massage bed with heat, and a total of four adjustments during the 1.5 hour session. It was amazing the way he manipulated my body. I feel much better and will return on Monday afternoon. His office is very nicely equipped, clouds on the ceiling, music, incense and opens to a beautiful patio filled with palms and ferns. Very relaxing. Total cost, $200 pesos.

I came back to the hotel, took a short nap and then headed out for some really good Chinese food. I had chicken egg foo yong. It was to die for. The best I have had since my days in Texas.

Here is picture I took yesterday of the teachers doing some teamwork activities in the course I am giving. There are 150 in the course and they are great fun. They are eager to learn and great English speakers.

Here is a shot from the airplane on the trip from Monterrey to Hermosillo.
Which brings me to the recent issue of swine flu. Well, I wish I had known before getting on the plane in Monterrey I would have had a mask on. I have a bad habit of touching my face and it is a battle to keep from doing it.

I will be going home on Tuesday via bus to Culiacan so that I can avoid major airports. I will be wearing a mask at the airports, bus stations, and on the airplane and bus.

This is really spreading and I hope it gets nipped in the bud. The good thing is that we are at the end of the flu season so there is a good chance it may die out, hibernate or even morph. There are just some things we cannot control. This may be one of them.

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