Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back In Los Mochis, Sin.

I will be working here until next Tuesday. I'm not happy with the hotel but we are having the training here so I guess it is convenient. The good thing is that I will be free every afternoon to go to the beach or sightseeing. Sunday I am free all day!

I have some great photos from the air that I took on the plane. I will attempt to post the pictures in the morning, the internet connection here is strong but it appears there are a lot of people competing for the connection.

I have some comments about the use of cell phones, Ipods and laptops. I am going to give an opening plenary in Aguascalientes in May about the Gen Y and Millennials, those that were born with electronic gadgets in their hands. I witnessed some interesting things in the airport as well as on the plane. Not anything new, I confront it daily at the gym, schools, businesses and at friends homes.

I plan on eating shrimp at every meal over the following days and will take pictures to give you an idea of the culinary arts of Los Mochis.

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